4 reasons why a 32:9 monitor is perfect for a desktop setup

My current setup includes three monitors, and a large 32:9 screen would be perfect for maximizing my productivity.

I’ve said this a few times in the comments, but my computer setup is confusing. Working properly requires a lot of screen space, but having three different monitors is not my preferred option. It’s been especially difficult since I reviewed the LG UltraWide 49WQ95C, a 49-inch monitor with a super-wide 32:9 aspect ratio. Suffice it to say, returning the review unit was a big challenge.


I believe that these types of monitors, whether they are from LG, the Samsung Odyssey brand, or anyone else, are a great addition to the desktop setup. Here are a few reasons why these are some of the best flashlights you can buy.

1 Pure design

The main reason to get one of these monitors, in my opinion, is to simply clean up your desktop settings, especially if you have a bunch of monitors on your desk. In my case, I have three 24-inch monitors on my desk, plus a laptop, keyboard, mouse, docking station, my Nintendo Switch, and a graphics card that I use for marketing. As you can see in pictures like the one above, the cables are messed up, and I always have to move something, especially if I have to look for a new location or desktop PC. Having one monitor would greatly reduce the amount of cables I need around the desk, making it look much cleaner, and easier if you need to connect a new device next time.

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But there is another problem. Besides that on My desk, I also have a standing desk with an electric motor, a fan and a light next to me. The problem is that I only have six places, and three of them are taken up by management, including the laptop charger, the Switch, and the desk, there is always something that I can’t connect, and I have to manage my place. Again, having one monitor that’s as big as three of them makes things a lot easier.

2 It is a dream of harvest

Whether you have a lot of lights or not, adding one of these high quality lights to your setup is a great idea. Most models come with 49-inch screens, but the 32:9 aspect ratio makes it feel like two monitors in one. This means you don’t have a bezel between them, but you get a lot more space to work with.

They can act as dual controllers, too, depending on the model. If you use multiple inputs on a monitor, you can make it so that each half of the monitor shows one source, and you can connect all the ports in one output device to act as two monitors in any way.

But even without that, this big screen is a multitasking dream. You can have multiple windows side by side across this large screen, and because Windows 11 has features like Snap Design, you can manage multiple windows at once. It’s even better if you use Microsoft’s PowerToys software, especially the FancyZones tool, which allows you to create layouts for your apps using a single screen. You may be used to managing windows with multiple monitors, but with PowerToys, it doesn’t matter if you only have one.

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This is all based on my experience with the LG UltraWide 49WQ85C, but it’s all greatly enhanced by the new Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 57-inch. This ultimate monitor comes in a 57-inch size, and is the world’s first with insane Dual UHD resolution. This means more space and more pixels for all your apps. You can’t do much better than this for multi-tasking while still keeping clean.

3 Sports are good, too

Even if you’re not interested in productivity, these monitors are also great for providing gaming experiences. Especially with a large display like the aforementioned 57-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, you can feel more immersed in the game, and improve your performance by expanding your view. You can get a lot of depth with multiple monitors, but sometimes they can be tight, and having bezels in the middle is a problem. When you have one monitor, you won’t get any distractions or set up problems.

That model will be especially good for future presentations. The Dual UHD monitor is very difficult to run games with current GPUs, especially at the 240Hz refresh rate it supports. But this means that if you buy now, you have a monitor that will feel classy for years to come and give you a gaming experience that will make all your friends jealous.

4 I also like streaming

I already mentioned this in my review of the LG UltraWide 49WQ85C, but one final benefit that sold me on this model is the ability to use them as if they were two separate monitors. Sure, you can use this for two displays from your PC, as I mentioned above, but the main thing is to use it so that I can use my Nintendo Switch one half and my PC the other half.

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Of course, this is very useful when I play some games online, which I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do when switching to a single game. If you think so too, there is no reason to worry. You can keep your game on half screen and control another stream, or just use your PC to chat with your friends. It’s as flexible as having two monitors.

There are some situations where you might want to have multiple monitors, especially if you have four or more monitors, but for a setup like mine, 32:9 ultrawide monitors are great, and I suspect they’re the best fit for most people. It may be expensive, but compared to the cost and hassle of multiple controllers, I’d say it’s worth the investment.

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