5 essential products for MacBook users working on the go

MacBooks are Apple’s most portable computers, and these 5 essential products can help you work more reliably when you’re on the go.

Key Takeaways

  • MacBooks, such as the MacBook Pro (2023), are popular for those who work from different places due to their long battery life and portable design.
  • Essential accessories like a portable stand, carrying bag, and headphones can help maximize productivity and simplify workflow when using a MacBook on the go.
  • The iPad can function as a second display for increased productivity, and there are different models available based on individual needs and budget.

Apple sells a wide range of excellent Macs that cater to different budgets and needs. Powered by Apple silicon and macOS Sonoma, these machines help users maximize their productivity through the advanced features and apps they offer. MacBooks, such as the MacBook Pro (2023), happen to be popular among those who work from different places. After all, these notebooks pack long battery lives and offer slim, portable designs. Though, to make the most out of your MacBook when you’re working on the go, you must rely on some essentials to simplify your workflow.



1 Portable stand

A portable stand with an adjustable angle is an invaluable product that I always use with my MacBook, whether I’m working from home or at a cafe. It will rise and tilt your MacBook slightly and elevate your keyboard, allowing you to type more comfortably without needing to depend on a separate keyboard. It also helps you maintain your posture and keep your spine straight since you don’t need to bend your neck when glancing at the keyboard. The aluminum one I use comes with multiple angle options, allowing me to adjust the tilt as needed. It also has a folding mechanism, which makes it easier to store and carry in a smaller bag.

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OMOTON Portable Laptop Stand

The Omoton Portable Laptop stand is an ergonomic laptop riser that props up your keyboard for better visibility and more comfortable timing. And best yet, it folds down small enough to fit in a laptop bag on the go.

$10 at Amazon

2 Carrying bag

And speaking of smaller bags, you need one to carry your MacBook around comfortably. There are a few things you should consider, though, when looking for an option. First, it has to be compact and light, so you can easily travel around and commute without it becoming an annoying obstacle. You also may want to get a water-resistant bag in case of rain or other distracting weather. Lastly, make sure the bag you’re getting has enough pockets to fit all of your essential accessories, such as cables, adapters, and, obviously, your iPad.

Tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag

This bag does a great job keeping your MacBook safe with extra cushioning and reinforced corners, and it has extra storage pouches, so you can store all your accessories. Plus, you can carry it around with the shoulder strap.

$42 at Amazon

3 Headphones

It goes without saying that you may need some headphones or earbuds with active noise cancelation (ANC) if you’re traveling or commuting often. After all, public spaces tend to be noisy, and a good pair can block out any disturbance. That’s not to mention that many of us attend online meetings and listen to music while working, so this essential accessory could provide you with the means to create your own bubble. Personally, I rely on the AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max, but there are plenty of solid options from other brands.

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4 Wireless mouse

While I don’t personally rely on one, a wireless mouse is a great accessory regardless of where you use your MacBook. After all, a good setup is one without clutter, and a wireless mouse ensures that you have a more comfortable point-and-click device without having to deal with cables and adapters. And they tend to be compact enough to fit in your carrying bag.

5 iPad

Now, you must be wondering why there’s an iPad is on this list. As you may know, you can use your iPad as a second Mac display, thanks to the Sidecar feature. So whenever I’m working outdoors, I bring my iPad with me because a single screen isn’t usually enough for my work needs. While its display is relatively small compared to that of a dedicated monitor, it’s still better than nothing.

However, I also use my iPad at home for other iPadOS-specific tasks. If you don’t need an iPad, then you could save some money and buy a dedicated portable monitor instead.

Other MacBook accessories to explore

While we’ve listed above five of the most popular and useful MacBook accessories for those working on the go, there are still plenty of other options that target specific users. For example, you may want to invest in a compact USB-C hub for your MacBook to connect your peripheral devices, such as external storage or cameras. Though, for those with basic needs, a bag, stand, mouse, and a pair of headphones should be enough. An iPad would also be a welcome addition to those who need a multifunctional tablet that can act as a wireless second monitor.

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