5 reasons Vivaldi should be your web browser

You may not have heard of it, but Vivaldi is the best web browser for a number of reasons. Here are some of my favorites.

There is no shortage of browsers out there, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses that you should consider when choosing one for yourself. Most people are probably familiar with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, but if you ask me, the best browser you can find is Vivaldi. Never heard of it? You have come to the right place.


Vivaldi was founded by the former CEO of Opera Software, Jon von Tetzchner, to emphasize design and customization. It doesn’t get as much attention as the big players in the industry, but it has made a name for itself. This is a great browser, and it’s my go-to for every machine I use. This is why I think it should be yours too.

1 Built-in email

One of my favorite features of Vivaldi is the email client, simply called Vivaldi Mail. This has become my favorite way to clear my inbox, especially since Microsoft decided to replace the built-in Mail app with the web and the smaller Outlook app.

Vivaldi Mail allows you to add all your email accounts and combine them in one contact box (although you can also view them separately), including all your folders. It also has advertising and writing options, so you can easily filter your messages. All of this goes beyond how I can use it, but there’s a lot you can do here.

What I like the most, is being able to enter emails as they are read quickly by pressing K on my keyboard. This makes it easy to clear my inbox of emails that I don’t need to deal with. I know it’s a ridiculously simple idea, but just having it for a short while in the same window that I do everything else is fun.

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2 Food

One of my favorite things about Vivaldi is the ability to stay on top of RSS feeds. RSS readers aren’t new either, but just like email, it’s nice to have a way to keep up with the news by bringing it to the edge of an app I’m already using regularly. Vivaldi allows you to add the RSS feeds you want and see them all in one big feed or one by one (it would be nice to have folders, but I suspect that will come at a later time). You can choose how often these feeds are updated.

You will see the number of new items every time, and as with email, you can write items as they are counted by K, which makes it easier to go through the list. This has been very helpful in helping me stay on top of things, and as with email, it’s nice to have this at all times in the program I already use for the rest of my work.

3 Side room

All of the above resides in one of my favorite features of Vivaldi: the sidebar. Again, it’s not just an opinion, but the Vivaldi aspect, in my opinion, is more interesting than the one in other sites like Edge. For one thing, it’s home to useful features, such as bookmarks, history, downloads, notes, translations, and email and the aforementioned clients. It also has very limited images by default, so it’s not too distracting.

You can also change the behavior of the sidebar when you open the content. You can set it to push your content to the side, so it stays open until you close it, or to act as a screen, so it’s removed when you click on the page.

The sidebar is also great for adding websites you want to visit frequently. Websites like X or Bluesky don’t require a lot of features, so having a small way to access these websites is very useful. Some websites are already printed by default, but you can remove anything you want from the sidebar, including the Vivaldi interface. Vivaldi allows you to easily create your own events.

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4 Tab management

If we are talking about the development of the browser, managing tabs and windows is one of the most important aspects of this. Fortunately, Vivaldi has some nice features to help. First, there are several tabs. While other browsers allow you to set tabs, Vivaldi has one of the most natural settings for keeping tabs. When you drag one tab on top of another, the tabs are grouped. Then, you can click to see the tabs that are part of the group in a two-dimensional view, meaning that the tabs within the stack are displayed. on the ground other tabs and do not remove the space. You can also see how many tabs are active at any given time.

Another thing that I think is important is the installation of tires. Edge recently added a slideshow, but Vivaldi has had it for a long time. In addition, it does not work with only two tabs; you can put as many tabs as you want to use the main screen. They can also be customized according to your needs, and you can edit them by changing their order in the bar.

If you want more, you can use the workspace to better organize your tabs into categories such as work and entertainment and separate them. You can easily manage all your open windows and tabs from the sidebar, too, so you can stay on top of everything without having to hunt for a window. Vivaldi also gives you quick and easy access to other tools and recently closed tabs and windows. It’s a great browser if you have a lot going on.

5 Customizations

Most major browsers offer theme options, mostly based on Google Chrome’s theme system, but Vivaldi goes even further. Vivaldi themes not only change the colors and designs of UI elements such as the menu bar, but can also include icons that include all the main elements of the browser’s UI. Even an email client can use images for its interface.

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Is that not enough for you? There’s more! Vivaldi allows you to combine and compare images of different themes, or even better, it allows you to upload your images to any button you want. As long as they are 28×28 pixels (ideally), you can do whatever you want to make Vivaldi look and feel exactly the way you want it to. There are many themes available on the official website, but feel free to play around with them.

By the way, you can also choose the buttons that appear on every device you see in the browser. Need a home button? Add everywhere. Don’t want front or back buttons? Remove them. Is the clock on the floor worth it? You can remove it, too. Anything you don’t need, you can remove, and you can add your own items to do search wherever you want.

It’s not perfect, but Vivaldi is a good browser

Even I, as a Vivaldi fan, can admit that it is not a good browser. There may be reasons why Microsoft Edge may be the best browser for you instead. But the above features make this one of the best browsers you can find as a power user, and there are plenty of ways to make it work for you. It is also available for most desktop and laptop computers as it works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also works well on Android if you want to use it on your phone. It’s a great, versatile browser, and it’s one of the biggest ones that gives you the best options.

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