Best accessories that match the color of your MacBook Air M2

There are many useful accessories that have the same colors as your MacBook Air M2.

Apple first unveiled the MacBook Air M2 in mid-2022. This shiny new Mac features a redesigned chassis and updated internals powered by macOS Sonoma. Now it has a box shape, different colors, better sound cameras, and more. If you happen to grab one, be sure to check out our list of the best software for Apple silicon Macs. The software is designed and optimized specifically for the growing family of Apple M chipsets. You may also want to purchase products that match the model of your new MacBook Air. This way your entire setup looks like a standard one provided by Apple – not something you’ve created yourself. Below you will find a list of the best accessories that are compatible with your MacBook Air M2 model.

Our favorite accessories for the MacBook Air M2

I personally have a Midnight MacBook Air M2. However, the Midnight color is not available on most Apple products. So when choosing HomePod Mini and AirPods Max, I had to settle on Space Gray – because it’s the darkest color available and the closest to Midnight. Although, I was able to find a similar Midnight Apple Watch Series 7. Otherwise, most of my accessories are based on the Space Gray color – which matches my MacBook Air.

MacBook Air includes the M2 chip, a more powerful and efficient upgrade of the original M1 processor – which debuted in 2020. It has a display, but it does not have Face ID capabilities. However, the webcam receives an upscaling of 1080p, a big step up from the 720p it was set to. This does not mean the return of MagSafe 3 charging support. You can get your hands on a unit starting at $1,099.

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