Best cases for Acer Swift Go (2023)

Keep the new Acer Swift Go (2023) safe from scratches, falls, and bumps with a case, bag, or sleeve. Here are our recommendations.

The new Acer Swift Go (2023) is one of Acer’s best laptops, with an OLED display and a 16:10 aspect ratio for an expanded workspace. It comes in configurations with the powerful 13th-generation Intel CPUs which deliver enhanced performance and cooling, along with a new and improved 1440p resolution webcam, making the Acer Swift Go a lightweight powerhouse for productivity applications and day-to-day use. Like with any laptop, it’s worth getting a case to protect your new purchase from the bumps and scratches that daily travel can bring to a laptop.

I’ve done the research and collected a range of simple laptop sleeves to hard shell cases to luxurious leather sleeves for your Acer Swift Go. Keep in mind the Acer Swift Go comes in both a 14-inch size or 16-inch size, but all of the cases below come in sizes that fit both models. Just make sure you’re picking the right size for the version you have.

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Best cases for Acer Swift Go (2023): Final thoughts

This wraps up our picks for the best cases we recommend for the Acer Swift Go (2023). The Kinmac 360 protective sleeve took our top spot thanks to its wide variety of available designs and multiple layers of protection and accessory pockets. If you are looking for a higher-end case for your laptop, we recommend the Londo leather laptop sleeve. It’s made from handcrafted leather from Spain and features an elegant design that will add a touch of class to your everyday carry.

Picking a case can be an overwhelming experience because of how many options on the market there are. It ultimately comes down to what you need a case for, as not everyone will need a durable shockproof case like the Finpac hard sleeve, but if you take your Acer Swift Go with you into the field, it’s strongly recommended. The Acer Swift Go (2023) is one of the best laptops we’ve seen from Acer. If you haven’t already picked one up, make sure to check it out below.

Acer Swift Go

$827 $900 Save

The Acer Swift Go is Acer’s newest lightweight and think laptop. The laptop has options for a great 16:10 aspect ratio OLED display and Intel’s new 13th-generation CPUs under the hood. It looks to be a great everyday laptop for most people. 

$827 at Amazon

$850 at B&H

$800 at Acer

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