Best chargers for Asus ROG Ally in 2023

The Asus ROG Ally is a powerful, portable Gaming handheld running Windows 11. Here are our picks for it.

The Asus ROG Ally is a powerful portable gaming device running Windows 11. With the amount of performance it boasts, you’ll want to play it all the time, but the battery life means you’ll always be connecting. To get the most out of your console, we’ve compiled a list of the best ROG Ally accessories. Some of these can be backups to the charger it’s connected to, while others add additional ports or an external GPU for more display power.

The best Asus ROG Ally charger may not be out yet

The best Asus ROG Ally charger may not be out yet The Asus ROG Ally looks set to compete for the Steam Deck crown, whether it’s on the go or plugged into a home port. It uses a 65W charger and USB-C to recharge, so the list comes from that as a minimum. Until first-party chargers are announced, the best charger you can get is the Anker 735 GaNPrime 65W charger, which replaces the included charger and adds two more. ROG Ally running Windows 11 transforms into a multi-device gaming computer. The Satechi 6-port charger keeps any other USB-C device in check, and the Amazon Basics 65W is a good backup. ROG XG Mobile is one of the latest Asus eGPU docking stations, which also works on the ROG Flow X13. This model adds the power of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 to support the Ryzen Z1 chip in the ROG Ally at a price of $1,500.

Some great chargers include portable power banks, small enough to fit in a pocket, and some sports lights. You’ll also want to protect your money, so check out our list of the best ROG Ally cases.

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