Best chargers for HP Dragonfly G4 in 2023

Keep your battery charged everywhere you go with these great accessories

The HP Dragonfly G4 has arrived with a generational performance refresh, including Intel’s 13th-generation Core mobile processors, some new collaboration tools, and new power-saving features to prolong battery life. Like its predecessor, the HP Elite Dragonfly G3, the G4 model has a 68Wh battery that helps it keep up with some of the best laptops available today.

The Dragonfly G4 uses either a 65W or 100W USB-C AC adapter to recharge, with most shipping with the former option. While the included charger works well, you might want something that’s smaller for travel, something that’s larger with more connections, or something with its own battery bank for juice on the go. In this roundup, we’re focusing on a variety of the best chargers for the HP Dragonfly G4.

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Picking the right charger for your HP Dragonfly G4

The HP Dragonfly G4 is one of the best business laptops of the year, and busy professionals might want to pick up a secondary charger should the one that comes with the laptop fail. It’s never a bad idea to have a backup, and you can get some nifty hardware that will charge other devices as well.

The Baseus 65W three-port GaN charger is one of the best USB fast chargers for phones and laptops, making it an easy choice for the Dragonfly G4. It will handle the laptop and some other accessories, it has fold-in prongs for easier traveling, and it’s priced competitively. The AmazonBasics 65W GaN charger, meanwhile, is one of the best values around, costing only about $21. It can charge at 65W to accommodate the Dragonfly G4’s needs, but it only has the one USB-C port.

If you love the charger that HP includes with the Dragonfly G4, picking up a second one probably makes a lot of sense. The official 65W HP USB-C charger has a long braided cable and the branding to match your PC; you’ll pay about $50 for this charger that’s identical to the stock option.

And finally, those who want to carry some extra battery power when away from AC outlets should have a look at the Baseus 65W power bank. It’s one of the best power banks available thanks to its four ports to charge more devices, a small screen that shows charging status, and the 20,000mAh capacity that should land you hours of runtime for your G4. Check out our broader list of the best HP Dragonfly G4 accessories for more great products that can take your laptop to the next level.

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HP Dragonfly G4

Premium business laptop

HP’s Dragonfly G4 is one of the best business laptops out there today, and HP ships most models with a basic 65W wall charger. It works, but the collection of great chargers and power banks I’ve put together above can deliver a much better experience for this killer PC.

$2548 at HP

$1769 at B&H

$2236 at Amazon

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