Best Framework Laptop accessories in 2023

The Framework Laptop is a modular, repairable clamshell, but it can be even better with the right third-party accessories.

The Framework Laptop 13 is one of the best upgradeable laptops around. Every part of this unique device can be upgraded or repaired with fully modular construction. Because of this, every year, you have the option to update its internals to keep it apace with the best laptops, as the computing module can be swapped out for a selection of the latest and greatest chips. What’s more, ports and expansion cards can be swapped, the keyboard can be changed, and the user can adjust the look. Even the best devices can be better with the right accessories, and we’ve rounded up a selection to make the Framework Laptop even better.

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Putting together the best accessories for the Framework Laptop

The Framework Laptop 13 is one of our favorite 13-inch laptops, as the versatility and eco-friendliness of the modular construction are great. While you can get many modules from Framework to enhance the notebook, sometimes that’s not enough. With my laptops, I prefer to use a docking station to add extra ports and functionality, so I’m not hunting for multiple adapters. Protecting the laptop in transit is also important to me, as I’m prone to dropping devices. The internal charging functionality of the MOS Pack V4 appeals to keep things charged up while moving between places. I also like to have over-ear headphones with quality ANC, so I can work undisturbed by the noises around me while listening to music.

If your workflow depends on multiple screens, you might find using the inbuilt touchpad limiting. In that case, a keyboard from Keychron and a mouse from Logitech will have you back to peak productivity in no time. All of these accessories will work brilliantly with your Framework Laptop 13.

Framework Laptop 13

The Framework Laptop 13 is one of the most modular laptops you can buy in 2023. You can swap out all the components right down to the mainboard. New on this year’s model is the option for 13th-generation Intel CPUs, along with AMD Ryzen processors for the first time. 

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