Best keyboards for Mac Mini M2 2023

The Mac Mini M2 2023 doesn’t come with a keyboard. Any of these nine keyboards are great to purchase for setting up and everyday use of your new Mac.

If you decided to buy a Mac Mini M2 2023 model, then you’ll definitely need a keyboard to go along with it. Apple doesn’t bundle in a keyboard with your purchase, and you’ll have to buy one separately alongside a monitor and mouse, so you can set up macOS Ventura after you unbox your new Mac. Whatever your keyboard needs might be, we’ve got you covered. We collected nine of our favorite keyboards for the Mac Mini M2 2023 model. All of these keyboards are special to Macs, with the unique keyboard layout in the corner. Check them out below.

The best keyboards for your Mac Mini

There are many keyboards that you can buy for your Mac Mini, including Apple’s own Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, which comes in at a pricey $200. Still, it’s one of the best options because it’s made by Apple and certified for your Mac. The convenience of TouchID also means you can log into your Mac using the keyboard and worry less about passwords. You can’t go wrong with a traditional wired keyboard, either, which cuts our worries about batteries and recharging since it can hook up straight to your Mac’s USB-A port on the rear.

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There are even alternatives to the Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, like the Logitech MX Keys S, which has a layout friendly to macOS and Windows, is backlit and can work with different devices. But if these don’t fit your needs, then don’t worry. We have a guide to the best mechanical keyboards which might have something you’d want to buy.

Apple Mac Mini (2023)

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The Mac Mini (2023) packs Apple’s M2 or M2 Pro chip in a tiny form factor. It blends power with affordability, thanks to its low price tag.

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