Best Lenovo Legion Go docks in 2023

Expand your Lenovo hands-free connectivity options with these docks

Lenovo jumped into mobile gaming with Legion Go, the newest competitor to the Asus ROG Ally and Valve’s Steam Deck. Since the Legion Go only comes with two USB4 ports, the ports are the best way to go if you want to expand the connectivity options of your new console. Docks can also be convenient for charging your Legion Go. It is important to note that manufacturers have not yet developed ports specifically for the Lenovo Legion Go; however, we can tell from the measurements that, luckily, most Steam Deck ports should fit into Lenovo’s hands equally.

Final thoughts on the best Legion Go ports

A port is a great way to extend the use of any device, especially a mobile or laptop, both of which are often lacking in the selection of ports. This is true of the Lenovo Legion Go, as it only has two USB-C ports. But with something like the CalDigit TS4, you can connect the Legion Go to a 4K TV or gaming monitor with 4K@120Hz HDMI output while playing your favorite titles online, without pause, thanks to the 2.5 GB Ethernet port.

Other docks, such as the JSAUX Steam Deck Dock, can also be used with the Lenovo Legion Go. It can be tricky if you’re using a case with Legion Go, but you can also use Legion Go’s combined area with any of these areas as a quick fix.

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