Best Mac Studio power cable replacements in 2023

You won’t find the Mac Studio cable at the Apple Store, but there are plenty of other cables out there.

Powered by macOS Sonoma and Apple’s silicon, the Mac Studio (2023) is the perfect Mac for dedicated professionals. Not only does it pack the company’s most powerful processors, but it also has a variety of hardware ports. However, one problem with Mac Studio is its constant need for AC power. So if you damage its power cord, you won’t be able to use it right away. This is why buying a power adapter for your Mac Studio is a smart idea.

Our favorite Mac Studio power cable replacement

If I personally had to choose one of these Mac Studio power cables instead, I would go for the PWR + Power Cable. This cable has a 6-foot length, which I would consider perfect for my setup. This does not mean that it also includes a 24-month exchange window, which adds flexibility to the purchase process. Otherwise, there are many other Mac Studio power cable replacements that come in different lengths, qualities, and designs.

For those who don’t know, Mac Studio looks like two Mac Mini computers. It is not aimed at ordinary users, because its functionality is sufficient for daily needs. It supports professionals who need special processing power that low-end Macs can’t provide. As you might expect, this Mac doesn’t include a screen or accessories, as Apple only includes power cables in the Mac Studio boxes. So you need to buy your own mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Apple Mac Studio (2023)

The 2023 Mac Studio with M2 Max or M2 Ultra is Apple’s second most powerful computer behind only the Mac Pro. Its smaller size and lower cost make it a better option than the latter.

$1999 at Best Buy (M2 Max) $3999 at Best Buy (M2 Ultra) $1999 at Apple (M2 Max) $3999 at Apple (M2 Ultra)

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