Best PC cases in 2023

Your new PC deserves a shiny new case to live in, and we’ve rounded up the best options you can buy depending on what kind of rig you want.

Just about every PC component is important, but the PC case is what will hold everything together and shield them from the outside elements. Picking the best PC case for your build will need to factor in the size of your GPU and motherboard, cooling solution(s), and the number of drives that need to be installed. There’s also the case of heat and how effective the case is able to exhaust it, especially for more powerful CPUs. In this guide, you’ll find our recommendations for best PC case that covers all budgets and form factors.



Our collection of the best PC cases in 2023

Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Best PC case

Our favorite PC case, period

$150 $170 Save $20

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO PC case is a solid mid-tower cabinet with lots of customization options and plenty of space.

Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 426 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 6 RGB Lighting Yes 2.5″ Drive Slots 13 Power Supply Size (Max.) 220 mm Exterior Dimensions 465 × 285 × 459 mm Pros

  • Striking design
  • Plenty of internal space
  • Excellent thermal performance


  • Weak dust filtering

$150 at Amazon $154 at Newegg

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO case is the same as the O11 Dynamic XL but allows you to reverse the internal plate. Besides the new trick of moving the tempered glass side from left to right, the new version of the case retains everything we like about the original one. The O11 Dynamic is a mid-tower PC case with a dual-chamber design and plenty of glass. This is also a mid-tower with enough space for numerous case fans or even a custom cooling loop.

As for the radiator support, you can mount up to a 360mm radiator on the top, bottom, or front. While the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO PC case doesn’t come with any pre-installed fans, you do get a front panel LED strip. This LED strip can be controlled via the motherboard software or a hub. Another interesting thing about this case is that you can move the IO ports of the case between four different locations on the case. It’s pleasing to look at and has everything you need for a capable PC build.

NZXT H9 Flow Runner-up best PC case

A gorgeous PC case with an emphasis on airflow

The NZXT H9 Flow is a premium mid-tower chassis from a reputable brand that offers a unique take on the traditional PC case design. It has ample support for water cooling, excellent thermal performance, and a gorgeous aesthetic.

Motherboard Size (Max.) ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 435 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 2 2.5″ Drive Slots 4+2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 200 mm Exterior Dimensions 495 x 466 x 290 mm Pros

  • Excellent airflow
  • Cable management


  • Limited storage options

$160 at Amazon $160 at Newegg $160 at NZXT

The NZXT H9 Flow is one of the largest cases from the company with a focus on maximizing airflow. It’s relatively expensive, coming in at $160, but is well worth it if you have powerful hardware to install inside the chassis. With support for up to 10 120mm fans, there are ample placements for installing blowers, as well as support for up to three 360mm radiators. We found in our testing the NZXT H9 Flow performs extremely well with an AIO CPU cooler.

While the NZXT H9 Flow is a mid-tower chassis, this PC case is slightly wider than the usual ATX cases. This does mean that even the largest graphics cards will be able to be installed and NZXT even sells a vertical GPU bracket that can showcase the expensive component through the glass windows. Speaking of which, two tempered glass panels are included with the H9, one on the front and the second on the left side. The right side is full of perforated holes, which, with the bottom panel, are used to draw plenty of cool air through the chassis.

It’s an excellent take on a similar formula as the famous Lian Li O11 Dynamic, and we thoroughly enjoyed building a PC inside the NZXT H9 Flow.

Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB Best full-tower PC case

The best case for larger PC builds

The Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB is a full-tower PC case with a set of features best described as overkill. It has support for several large radiators (360mm and above) as well as tons of room for components like GPUs and SSDs.

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Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 450 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 6 RGB Lighting Yes 2.5″ Drive Slots 2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 225 mm Exterior Dimensions 600 x 550 x 248 mm Pros

  • Massive internal space
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Tasteful RGB lighting


  • Expensive
  • No dual-system support

$340 at Amazon $340 at Newegg

The Corsair iCUE 7000X is one of those PC cases that you may have seen some enthusiasts use in building an over-the-top system. With components drawing more power and producing more heat than ever before, it’s important to get the PC case right in regard to thermal performance. The iCUE 7000X does just that with support for up to 480mm radiators. 480mm radiators are supported on the front and side, followed by up to a 420mm radiator on the top.

Alternatively, you can also install up to 11 120mm fans or 7 140mm and 4 120mm blowers for some serious airflow. The case also has enough clearance for GPUs and CPU coolers up to 190mm and 155mm in length respectively. The iCUE 7000X supports E-ATX, ATX, microATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, making it ideal for an enthusiast to build inside a full-tower PC case. Just be prepared for the rather steep price tag.

Corsair 4000D Airflow Best mid-tower PC case

Compact, yet powerful high airflow PC case

$90 $105 Save $15

The Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW is one of the best airflow cases you can buy to have a full front-to-back airflow for your components. It comes pre-installed with two RGB 120mm fans.

Motherboard Size (Max.) ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 360 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 2 2.5″ Drive Slots 2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 220 mm Exterior Dimensions 453 x 230 x 466 mm Pros

  • Sleek design
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Quiet operation


  • I/O

$90 at Amazon $95 at Newegg $90 at Best Buy

Corsair’s 4000D Airflow is an affordable and well-thought-out case. The perforated front panel also has large gaps on either side to move additional air. It comes with two 120mm Corsair AirGuide fans pre-installed and there’s enough room for adding four more 120mm fans. You can mount up to a 360mm radiator on the front and a 280mm radiator on the top. It has plenty of clearance and the shroud separating the two compartments has perforations too.

The Corsair Airflow 4000D also comes with easy-to-remove dust filters on the top, front, and bottom under the PSU. Additionally, the front panel can be easily removed to install fans or radiators. Corsair has used steel, plastic, and tempered glass to make this case look nice while keeping it functional. Two of the 11 available PCI slots are vertical, allowing you to show off your GPU with the tempered glass panel. It’s just a shame about the front I/O which is a little weak, but this is one of the best mid-tower PC cases.

NZXT H210i Best ITX tower PC case

Perfect for more compact PC builds

$78 $110 Save $32

Like NZXT’s bigger cases, just smaller. Stylish, high-quality, easy to build in and not too expensive, either.

Motherboard Size (Max.) Mini-ITX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 325 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 1 2.5″ Drive Slots 3+1 Exterior Dimensions 349 x 210 x 372 mm Pros

  • Compact design
  • Best-in-class cable management
  • Includes RGB and fan controller


  • I/O

$100 at Amazon $78 at Newegg $110 at NZXT

NZXT’s signature case design has been around for a while but still stands out from the crowd. The NZXT H210i looks just the same as its larger siblings, albeit considerably smaller. The layout is pretty traditional. In the front, you have space for a pair of 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator, nestled behind the front (filtered) air intake. Additional 120mm fans can be located at the rear and top of the case for exhaust.

That also applies to the size of the graphics card you’re using. With support for up to 325mm cards, you could conceivably squeeze an RTX 40 series GPU inside the H210i with a little wiggle room to spare. There are only two PCIe slots available so if the graphics card is slightly larger than two slots, it won’t fit. The case makes up for this with built-in support for NZXT CAM software, as well as an included RGB and fan controller. It’s one of the best traditional ITX cases on the market right now.

Lian-Li V3000+ Best PC case for liquid cooling

Build your own open-loop water cooling solution

$450 $500 Save $50

Looking for the absolute best in class PC case for a water-cooled build? Look no further than the Lian Li V3000+. We’re talking about 580mm radiator support, the ability to install two PCs inside, and premium materials. This is about as good as it gets.

Motherboard Size (Max.) EEB Graphics Card Size (Max.) 358 – 539 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 8 2.5″ Drive Slots 16 Power Supply Size (Max.) 220 mm Exterior Dimensions 678.5 x 279 x 674 mm Pros

  • Dual system support
  • Stunning design
  • Vast amounts of internal space


  • Expensive

$450 at Newegg $450 at Amazon

The Lian Li V3000+ is unlike anything else available from the company. This is the largest PC case we’re featuring in this collection. It’s shaped to the full tower standard, unlike the Thermaltake Tower 900 and you can install two PCs inside. You can install a total of 16 120mm or 13 140mm fans. The top panel even supports the installation of two giant 200m fans, so there’s plenty of customization here when it comes to cooling. That carries over to radiator support with up to 480mm on the front, top, and bottom of the case.

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If that doesn’t make it very clear just how large this big box of metal is, then how about the ability to install two systems inside the chassis and up to 16 storage drives? Tempered glass is present for you to showcase your internal components, as well as Lian Li’s craftsmanship. And you can use any sized motherboard, though the secondary system has a few restrictions. The Lian Li V3000+ is designed primarily for those who want to build a super-powerful PC with power-hungry components and a custom water-cooling solution.

Fractal Design Define 7 Best silent PC case

Keep things quiet with Fractal Design

The Define 7 PC case features sound-dampening material on its front, top, and side panels for quiet operation.

Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 290 – 470 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 6 2.5″ Drive Slots 2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 250 mm Exterior Dimensions 547 x 240 x 475 mm Pros

  • Excellent sound dampening
  • Good thermal performance
  • Expansive internal space


  • No RGB lighting included

$180 at Amazon $180 at Newegg

The Fractal Design Define 7 is a worthy addition to this collection for a few main reasons. It has a lot of convenient build features, is known to offer good thermal performance, and is quieter than most other mid-tower PC cases. Depending on the chassis color you choose, Fractal Design will make the tempered glass side panel available with clear, light, or dark tinting. The case also comes with an optional vented top panel for those who prefer having more ventilation as opposed to a silent operation.

The Define 7 PC case supports E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboards with plenty of space for fans, radiators, and more. The Define 7 can be outfitted with seven 3.5-inch drives and two SSDs. It’s also one of the few cases on the market that still has a 5.25-inch drive bay slot. The case has space to mount nine fans in total and comes with two Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm pre-installed on the front and a single 140mm exhaust fan at the back. It’s almost silent, making it ideal for quieter environments.

be quiet! Silent Base 802 Alternate best silent PC case

Another fine PC case that won’t disturb your quiet time

$178 $180 Save $2

be quiet! Silent Base 802 is a versatile case that lets you replace the panels to favor either quiet operation or better airflow.

Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 287 – 432 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 7 2.5″ Drive Slots 15 Power Supply Size (Max.) 228 mm Exterior Dimensions 539 x 281 x 553 mm Pros

  • Massive amount of internal space
  • Excellent sound dampening
  • Great radiator support


  • HUGE
  • Pricey

$178 at Amazon $180 at Newegg

The Silent Base 802 is a unique case that comes with interchangeable front and top panels. You have the option to use either the solid panel with sound-dampening material to keep the case quiet or go with the mesh panel to improve airflow for better thermals. The Silent Base 802 case supports up to an E-ATX motherboard, and there’s plenty of room to fit in components for a high-end performance build. The case comes with three pre-installed 140mm fans — two of them on the front, and a 140mm fan at the back.

There’s more space to further add another 140mm fan on the front, and up to three 140mm fans on the top. Additionally, you can also install radiators on the front, top, and back of this case. The Silent Base 802 case has enough clearance to support GPUs up to 432mm in length and CPU coolers up to 185mm in height. The case has more sound-dampening material inside, and you also get removable dust filters on the front and the bottom. It comes with 9 PCI expansion slots with two of them being vertical for the GPU. This thing is a monster.

Thermaltake Tower 900 Best showcase PC case

The only case you need for a showcase event

$216 $300 Save $84

The Thermaltake Tower 900 full tower PC case is one of the biggest cabinet you’ll find on the market. It’s the only vertical case you need to build the custom-cooling PC build of your dreams.

Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 400 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 6 2.5″ Drive Slots 2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 220 mm Exterior Dimensions 752 x 423 x 483 mm Pros

  • Amazing open-loop liquid cooling support
  • Excellent for showcasing PC builds
  • Solid thermal performance


  • Massive and heavy

$216 at Newegg $276 at Amazon

The Thermaltake Tower 900 is the second full-tower PC case in this collection and is easily one of the biggest PC cases you’ll find on the market right now. It’s designed with open-loop water-cooling in mind, supporting E-ATX, ATX, microATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. There’s enough space in the cabinet to install two water-cooling loops with large radiators and reservoirs. The front and half of either side of the Tower 900 PC case feature tempered glass. The remaining portion of the side has perforated side panels covering the radiators.

All these parts are easily removable, giving easy access to the internals. The Tower 900 PC case is very easy to work with as long as you have a proper plan for your build. The Tower 900 PC case can be outfitted with 13 fans in total, in addition to either a 480mm or a 560mm radiator on the left/right side. It offers enough clearance for a CPU cooler with a max height of 260mm. The GPU and PSU length clearance is limited to 400mm and 220mm respectively. Even with all the high-end components installed, the Tower 900 will have plenty of space for installing up to two custom loops.

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Phanteks P400A Best budget PC case

Saving money without cutting corners

$70 $100 Save $30

An affordable case for beginners and pros alike, the P400A can house a simply remarkable amount of hardware and is so easy to live with.

Motherboard Size (Max.) E-ATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 420 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 2 RGB Lighting Yes 2.5″ Drive Slots 2 Power Supply Size (Max.) 270 mm Exterior Dimensions 300 x 550 x 520 mm Pros

  • Strong thermal performance
  • Tasteful RGB lighting
  • Easy to build a PC inside


  • I/O
  • Limited radiator support

$70 at Newegg $95 at Amazon

The Phanteks Eclilpse P400A is one fine budget-friendly chassis. This is the latest in a long-running line from Phanteks that has combined quality build with masses of space, a great-looking design, and an attractive price. It’s a mid-tower ATX case that supports even an E-ATX motherboard. This latest Eclipse also comes with a full-height tempered glass panel on the left-hand side. You’ll get either two or three 120mm fans included, depending on which version you go for. The standard model has two regular fans, while the version with built-in RGB control ships with three digital RGB fans. The front panel is entirely mesh, meaning your fans can pull through some serious cool air.

The scope for cooling, in this case, is quite astonishing, and a step up from its predecessor. The Eclipse P400A has space for up to a 360mm radiator (or three 120mm fans) in the front, and a 280mm radiator (or two 140mm fans) in the roof. You can use a GPU with a maximum length of up to 420mm, which is ample for even today’s largest graphics cards. Likewise, you have plenty of space for taller air coolers. The PSU sits behind a shroud that is built in and shields your cable mess from being seen through the glass. It’s brilliant for the price.

Lian Li Lancool 205 Mesh Best mesh PC case

Help your CPU cooler out with this mesh PC case

$108 $158 Save $50

Lian Li’s Lancool 205 Mesh is a high-quality mid-tower case with three included fans and a tempered glass side panel. It supports 280mm radiators at the front and top.

Motherboard Size (Max.) MicroATX Graphics Card Size (Max.) 350 mm 3.5″ Drive Slots 3 2.5″ Drive Slots 5 Power Supply Size (Max.) 180 mm Exterior Dimensions 210 x 402.5 x 400 mm Pros

  • Great thermal performance
  • Solid cable management
  • Numerous storage bays


  • Limtied radiator support

$108 at Amazon

The Lancool 205 Mesh is not only among the best airflow PC cases but it’s well within the budget of anyone putting together a solid mid-tower build. What makes this such a great case is that it ticks all the boxes. It’s classy looking without being too radical. It has plenty of space to build in despite not being that large. And it can shine bright with RGB fans and tempered glass without sacrificing airflow. The fit and finish on the Lancool 205 Mesh are first-rate.

The Lian Li quality is everywhere. It comes with a trio of 120mm ARGB PWM fans included, though a 240mm radiator can also be mounted in front or at the top of the case. On the outside, there’s a dust filter on the very top, so using this location for heat exhaust is worthwhile. One of the few negatives, though, is that you’re limited to a maximum of 240mm for a radiator, wherever you mount it. Though the top is certainly a better position than the front. Airflow is excellent, with the included front fans pulling plenty of cooling wind across the motherboard and the graphics card.

Choosing the best PC case

Choosing the best PC case for your build depends on a few factors. Firstly, there’s cost. Then there are different specifications of a chassis to consider, including motherboard form factor support, radiator mounting options, as well as drive bays and other useful features such as cable management. The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO remains to be our top choice for new PC builds and the format has been used countless times before.

It’s simply a solid case. Being slightly older than some of the competition here, it still manages to offer a good mix of features to both new builders and enthusiasts alike. It’s also a simple case to work with, once you make your way into the chamber as there’s plenty of room to experiment and come up with a clean installation. Something like the Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB would be a good fit for a larger PC build, while the excellent NZXT H210i is perfect for a more compact system.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Best PC case$150 $170 Save $20

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO PC case is a solid mid-tower cabinet with lots of customization options and plenty of space.

$150 at Amazon $154 at Newegg

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