Best skins for your Steam Deck in 2023

Change up the look of your Steam Deck and add a little protection with a good skin

The popularity of the Steam Deck against products like the Logitech G Cloud means that there is no shortage of accessories for it. You can buy microSD cards for extra storage, and docks and adapters to connect it to a larger screen. But, as with your phone, laptop, or tablet, good-quality skin is also worth considering. It can not only transform the looks of your all-black Steam Deck but also add a little protection. But where do you buy them and which one should you get? Glad you asked. These are my favorites right now.

Recapping the best Steam Deck skins in 2023

You certainly don’t need a skin on your Steam Deck, but the selections we have here are really great options. The best place to find a Steam Deck skin is through Dbrand, which offers multiple different color options and styles. The brand has offered many of our favorite skins across a variety of devices in the past, so it’s a no-brainer that it made our list here.

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If you don’t prefer Dbrand, then there are still plenty of other alternatives, like the Gundam Edition skin and the cheaper PlayVitak Skin, which can protect your Steam Deck and the trackpads. A good skin is an affordable investment that could pay dividends in the long run. And they’re not that hard to apply, either.

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