Best Thunderbolt accessories for your laptop in 2023

Thunderbolt lets you expand your laptop, and we’ve rounded up the best tools for you to use.

In recent years, Thunderbolt has become an integral part of many laptops and PCs. Developed by Intel, the Thunderbolt protocol uses USB Type-C ports to provide high speeds – up to 40Gbps, such as Thunder 4 – which can be used to connect all kinds of peripherals. The best laptops you can buy today come with Thunderbolt ports, and the hardware you can use with them comes from external GPUs, all of which can expand your laptop’s capabilities.

But if you have a Thunderbolt port, how do you benefit? We’re here to help, so we’ve rounded up the best Thunder devices you can buy that take advantage of this high bandwidth. As mentioned, there is a docking station for external GPUs, but some monitors and storage devices also use Thunderbolt. And, of course, you might need some Thunder cables, so we’ve got some of those.

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The Best Thunderbolt Devices in 2023: The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering if your laptop has Thunderbolt, there’s something you need to know first. Being an Intel technology specialist means that Thunder is not available on every AMD laptop. Although the technology is royal, there are costs associated with providing such high bandwidth; In addition, there is a certification process that needs to be paid for, so companies often leave the appearance of cheap laptops. You’ll also find Thunderbolt support in the latest 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, although they don’t have the Thunderbolt logo next to their ports. Some laptops also come with USB4 now, which can often use most of the features available in Thunderbolt 4.

When it comes to buying any supplement, it always depends on your needs, so you may or may not find value in both categories. In any case, Thunderbolt devices have the ability to go beyond most USB devices, such as giving you high-speed external SSDs, letting you play high-end games on a lightweight laptop, and controlling your entire desktop setup with just one port. For all these needs, the tools on this list will help you a lot, and you have several options to choose from. As mentioned, laptops and other devices now come with USB4 ports, which can support most of the Thunderbolt features, but this varies from device to device.

If you are still looking for a laptop that can fully utilize these devices, we have a list of the best Thunderbolt 4 laptops that you can buy today; all will support additions to this list. Be sure to check out our list of the best Thunderbolt ports, too, depending on how many devices you want to use. You may also want to read up on Thunderbolt 5, the next generation that will support much higher bandwidths.

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