Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot will keep your data private

Microsoft is releasing Bing Chat Enterprise in the latest Windows Copilot preview for business customers with PCs in the Windows 11 Dev channel.


  • Bing Chat Enterprise is now available in Windows Copilot preview, providing additional security and corporate branding in Bing Chat for business customers.
  • Information shared through Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot will not be stored or accessed by Microsoft, and is strictly confidential for business purposes.
  • IT managers can refer to Microsoft’s documentation on data protection policies for more information.

Microsoft is bringing Bing Chat Enterprise to Windows Copilot preview. Designed for business customers, and released today for those with Windows 11 PCs in Dev or Beta mode, this will enable you to share your data on Bing Chat for commercial or private purposes.

If you’re keeping track, Microsoft first announced Bing Chat Enterprise in July, so it’s only a short month before it makes the jump to Windows Copilot. It’s not all that different from what happens in Bing chat, however, which will allow you to add a company logo and added security. Microsoft says that data shared through Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot cannot be saved, and this includes chats themselves. Even Microsoft can’t access the data, and it won’t be used to train other types of artificial intelligence. All the data is still coming from the internet, however, there is that. Differentiation is the only defense when it comes to consumer quality.

IT managers who want to know more about how data is stored properly can refer to Microsoft’s official documentation. It follows Microsoft’s business data protection policies, and there are guarantees that information does not get outside the organization. Since Bing Chat Enterprise also contains personal identifiers that are removed before being sent to Bing, searches are not linked to users or organizations.

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Businesses that have Bing Chat Enterprise enabled on will not need to do anything extra to enable this feature in Windows Copilot Preview. Otherwise, enabling Bing Chat Enterprise on Bing, the Edge sidebar or Windows Copilot is just a few clicks away, and there are some helpful articles if needed.

Interestingly, Microsoft says that this feature will first appear on the Windows Insider Beta channel. However, the Beta Channel Windows Insider can also preview the feature.

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