Bing Chat is finally available in Google Chrome for all desktop users

Microsoft has decided to expand the availability of Bing Chat outside of Edge by offering it to all Chrome desktop users.


  • Google Chrome now supports Bing Chat, making it available to all clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with expanded support for other mobile and desktop browsers coming soon.
  • Bing Chat Enterprise with built-in security is now available on Edge phones, allowing users to access it through their work account.
  • SwiftKey users can now chat with Bing Chat without needing a Microsoft account and are given 30 turns every day to do so. Additionally, Microsoft has updated Bing’s search templates through AI technology.

Bing Chat has been out for a few months now and has been attracting attention from various market segments. Seeing the popularity of its latest chatbots, Microsoft also updates them with new features – such as creating images through speech – on a regular basis.

However, until now, Bing Chat has been officially supported in the Microsoft Edge browser and integrated with SwiftKey. Vivaldi has been tampering with user strings to pretend to be Edge and add Bing Chat, but no browser other than Edge has been officially supported, until now.

As we have seen Neowin, Microsoft has quietly released a blog post stating that Google Chrome now supports Bing Chat as well. This is what the Redmond technology company teased earlier this month and started testing again with other users. However, it seems that the test has gone well since the company has decided to make the chatbot available to all Google Chrome clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In particular, mobile platforms are not yet supported, but Microsoft says that expanded support for other browsers on mobile and desktop is “coming”. Microsoft’s latest test also included Safari users, so it’s possible that Apple’s browser is next in line for a big hit.

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However, that’s not all. Bing Chat Enterprise with built-in security is now also available on the Edge phone. Users can manage it by logging into Edge through their work account. In addition, SwiftKey users can now use 30 versions per day to chat with Bing Chat, without having to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Finally, in a change not directly related to Bing Chat, Microsoft has enhanced its Bing search templates through AI technology to use space more efficiently and reduce content duplication. You can give it a new look here.

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