Bing Chat will make it easier to continue chatting on your phone

Microsoft’s Bing now gives you another way to keep chatting on your phone.


  • Microsoft’s Bing now allows users to start a chat on their desktop and continue on their phone using the “Continue on phone” option.
  • However, there seems to be a bug where scanning a QR code won’t start chats on your phone anymore.
  • The option to continue chatting on the phone is available when using Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s Bing made a lot of headlines when its OpenAI AI technology was introduced earlier this year. Taking all of AI’s knowledge to a different level, the company continues to add new features to Bing, the latest being the ability to start chats on a desktop and continue on a phone.

As we have seen New Windows. It does exactly what its name says. When you click on the option, it will show you a QR code, which you can scan to restart the same chat on your phone. Although this feature looks interesting, you can resume chats on your phone or computer using Bing’s chat history.

However, the ability to continue chatting on the phone is rough around the edges. In our testing, scanning the QR code only opens the Bing app but does not launch the chat. We hope to see Microsoft fix this bug soon. The fact that the feature won’t work for everyone isn’t the only frustrating part, though.

The option to continue chatting on your phone appears when you use Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge. If you’re using Bing in Google Chrome, hovering your mouse over social media answers allows you to like, dislike, and copy social media answers. But luckily, resuming phone chats isn’t limited to Edge for Windows. You can do it on your Mac, too.

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However, it is important to remember that you must use the same Microsoft account on the Edge desktop and Edge or the Bing mobile app. Although you can use Bing Chat on the Edge desktop without signing in with your Microsoft account, the option to continue chatting on the phone only appears when you’re signed in to the browser with a Microsoft account.

In particular, the Bing and Microsoft mobile apps don’t allow you to start a conversation on your phone and resume it on your computer. But if this is something that Microsoft is thinking of adding to the Bing and Edge mobile apps in the future, it will find another way than scanning the QR code, because computer cameras are not as good as phone cameras.

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