ChromeOS to get search filter in Launcher, lockscreen updates, and more

Google is testing several popular features for its ChomeOS Launcher. The company is also working on some interesting changes in Settings.


  • Google is planning an update to the Launcher in ChromeOS, including a filter button to narrow search results to specific files, settings, app shortcuts, and more.
  • Users can change the search results in the Launcher by turning on the “Enable search launcher” flag.
  • Google is also testing a new ChromeOS feature that allows users to control whether usernames and photos are displayed on the login screen.

From improving the Launcher’s functionality to making tweaks to settings and privacy, Google is working on new features for future updates to ChromeOS. Of all the updates seen recently, the Launcher update seems to be the most interesting.

As seen by X (former Twitter user). @cr_c2cv, Google is testing a filter button to the right of the Launcher search button. The filter option allows users to refine their search results. It will narrow down search results to help you quickly find important files, settings, program shortcuts, and more. Think of it like filtering Google search results by date. When you select a time period, Google filters everything and shows results for that time period. The last time Google introduced a major change to the search Launcher UI was when ChromeOS 100 was released, more than a year ago.

The ability to modify search results is found behind the software banner. The flag you need to bring up the search control is “Enable search control”. Although minor, there are some changes to the ChromeOS Launcher functionality. Google has also been seen working on displaying user apps currently installed in the Launcher UI. We have already seen this working in many Android and Windows 11 phones.

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There’s something else Windows 11-inspired Google is working on for ChromeOS. A Mountain View developer is working on a change that will help you control whether your Chromebook devices display usernames and icons on the login screen. In Windows 11, however, you can stop your email from appearing on the login screen but not your picture and name.

Additionally, some minor changes are being made to ChromeOS Settings. First, the Manage your apps and Notifications sections are no longer grouped together. Additionally, the Manage Google Play Preferences page in Settings now makes it clear that uninstalling Google Play will also uninstall Android apps.

Unfortunately, there is no time when this feature will be available for regular ChromeOS users. But after hearing about all these things, we are very excited about what Google will bring in its ChromeOS update.

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