Dropbox ends unlimited cloud storage policy because some customers abused its generosity

Dropbox has decided to end its “as much space as you need” cloud storage policy to reduce misuse by bad actors.


  • Dropbox is facing tough competition in the cloud storage market, especially on pricing, as competitors offer cheaper plans with additional features.
  • Dropbox has decided to cancel its unlimited storage policy due to misuse by customers, such as cryptomining, private use, and reselling of storage space.
  • The new Dropbox Advanced Plan will provide 15TB of shared storage for the entire team, with an additional 5TB for each additional license, up to a cap of 1000TB. Customers who currently use less than 35TB will be allowed to continue using it and will be offered storage for several years.

Although Dropbox is an easy-to-use service for most cloud storage needs, it faces stiff competition from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and others, especially on the pricing front. For example, the Dropbox Plus plan for personal use starts at $12/month with 2TB of storage, which is significantly more expensive than the Microsoft 365 Basic plan which starts at $2/month with just 100GB and packs great features like seamless integration with Office . programs. Now, Dropbox has decided to cancel its unlimited storage policy due to the bad behavior of some of its customers.

Dropbox currently offers an “Advanced” plan aimed at businesses at $30/user/month. It has many features that business customers may find useful, such as security management, notifications, notifications, data management, and more. However, the main point was that it allowed for unlimited storage, regardless of the organization’s work.

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Over time, Dropbox has learned that some of its customers have been abusing the system for cryptomining, private use, and reselling storage space to third parties. This has not made Dropbox’s sustainable business model and it violates the way the system is used, therefore, the company has now decided to end its policy of “as much space as you want” instead of more restrictions. way.

Starting today, the Dropbox Advanced Plan with three active licenses will provide access to 15TB of shared storage space for the entire team. To put it this way, this is enough to store 7,500 hours of HD video or about 100 million documents, according to Dropbox. Each time a license is added to this plan, an additional 5TB will be available on top of the original 15TB, up to a cap of 1000TB.

Dropbox has acknowledged that this major change could disrupt other legitimate businesses, thus giving its customers a chance. Those using less than 35TB of storage will be allowed to continue using the storage they consume at the time of direct notification of the change, and will be given an additional 5TB of storage over the next five years. Meanwhile, <1% of users who use 35TB of storage will be offered the same features, but its 5TB of additional storage will be valid for one year only. Dropbox will also reach out to such customers to offer additional plans to meet their cloud storage needs.

As for cloud storage needs, add-ons will be available at $10/TB/month ($8/TB/month if paid annually) for new and existing customers from September 18 and November 1 respectively. Likewise, the gradual migration process to the new plan for existing customers will begin on November 1, and they will be notified 30 days before the migration. Therefore, no action is required for anyone at this time.

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Dropbox says that these changes are necessary to reduce abuse from bad actors and because it is not possible to continue to update the list of users and abuse them. It has emphasized that the change will bring a better and more reliable experience for certified businesses, which is the only target market for the Dropbox Advanced plan.

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