Enjoy lifetime access to 100GB of Koofr cloud storage for just $30!

Koofr is offering some enticing lifetime discounts for its cloud storage platform.

We’ve all been alerted to the dreaded “Low disk space!” warning in some form or another. Programs, games, and even media have all grown in size and so has the capacity of devices, be it internal storage for a desktop PC or a smartphone. One way to mitigate this problem is to use cloud storage. This can be in the form of localized network-connected storage such as a NAS or using a company to securely host all your files in one place. Koofr is one such service and its lifetime subscriptions are on sale right now.



No one wants to pay a monthly fee for storing their files somewhere in the cloud, which is where this 100GB lifetime storage deal from Koofr comes into play. For a one-off payment of just $30, you’ll have lifetime access to a 100GB storage pool, which can be used to store just about anything.

Koofr $30 $162 Save $132

Koofr cloud storage is a platform for the storing of just about any file possible. The service doesn’t track its users, has limitless upload sizes, and makes it easy to transfer data from almost any device.

$30 at XDA Depot

What makes this Koofr subscription worth it?

Koofr is a safe and simple cloud storage service, which makes it easy for anyone to expand their storage capacity in a few steps. Whether you require access to your data through the web, mobile apps, WebDav, or all three, Koofr can handle it all with cross-platform app support. Better still, Koofr even allows you to connect existing cloud accounts, whether that’s with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft’s OneDrive, so you can see all your data in one place.

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Competing cloud subscriptions usually charge a fee per month, but Koofr goes one step further in allowing for a lifetime plan to be purchased, potentially saving thousands in the process. The $30 deal we’ve highlighted here provides access to 100GB of storage space. Koofr offers some handy features, such as its Duplicate Finder, which as the name suggests will aid in locating duplicate files across the account, so space isn’t wasted.

The best part about paying for a single lifetime purchase is the savings that can be had compared to monthly subscriptions. Let’s look at Microsoft OneDrive as a comparison. The same storage space is included in the Basic 365 subscription, which costs $20 per year. Koofr’s 100GB lifetime plan is just $30 and that’s a single $30 payment. What you don’t get with Koofr are web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and other Microsoft apps.

Need more space? Get 1TB for just $140!

Should 100GB not be enough space for everything you have stored locally and on other cloud subscriptions, we’d recommend checking out Koofr’s 1TB lifetime subscription deal, which is discounted to just $140. Going back to Microsoft’s OneDrive service, you’d need to pay $70 per year for 1TB of storage space in the cloud. Again, Koofr doesn’t throw in its premium office suite of apps as an added bonus, but for raw storage, you simply cannot beat the value here.

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