Formula 1 Singapore GP live stream: When and how to watch

It’s Round 16 of the 2023 F1 Grand Prix season this week.

It is the 16th stop of the 2023 F1 Grand Prix this weekend, from the Marina Bay circuit in Singapore. With Max Verstappen holding an undisputed lead in the drivers’ standings, this race is all about legacy. Will Verstappen win another, or will one of the other drivers take the place on Sunday?


With ten consecutive Grand Prix wins this season, this could be number eleven for Verstappen and the Red Bull team. He already holds the F1 record now, breaking Sebastian Vettel’s nine records since 2013, but eleven could make this a record breaker that would stand for a long time.

When and where?

The 16th race of the 2023 F1 Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to start on Sunday, September 17. The coverage will begin at 5:00 am PT, 8:00 am ET and 8:00 pm local time (GMT+8). ) for those who want to call from all over the world.

How to watch the Singapore F1 Grand Prix from anywhere

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or you just have weekly shows you don’t want to miss, traveling can throw you off your regular schedule. Not all channels are available everywhere, and nearby programs will vary depending on your location. Don’t worry, though, a VPN can help you easily watch your favorite movies in minutes. Using one of the best VPNs is an easy way to not change your virtual location, and to add extra security to your internet, which is very useful when traveling.

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How to drive the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in the US

If you’re in the US and want to listen to and watch the Singapore F1 Grand Prix live, any service that carries ESPN is your best bet. The event is streaming on ESPN in the US, and Sling TV is the cheapest place to catch it. You can only sign up for one month to get access, but you’ll want to remember to cancel before the renewal date, otherwise you’ll be billed for the second one. Orange’s Sling TV package is the one you want, which normally costs $40 a month, but the first month is half price, bringing the price down to $20.

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If you have cable TV, ESPN is probably part of your package, so you can watch it on TV or through the ESPN app or the Viewer section of the ESPN website. Practice 1, 2, 3, and qualifying rounds are shown on ESPN2, while the tournament is on ESPN. And if you only care about watching F1, nothing but F1, and everything about F1, you can subscribe to F1 TV Pro. The official F1 service has all the information from all races throughout the season. It’s $10 a month if you just want to watch one season or $80 for the entire season.

How to watch the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in the UK

In the UK, your best bet is to try and catch the event and stream it on Sky Sports. It is the traditional home of all motor racing in the UK, apart from UK F1, which is also shown on Channel 4. This means you need a Sky box, and add Sky Sports to your existing Sky subscription. Or, you can sign up for the Now Sports Pass, which gives you the full version of Sky Sports for £35 a month or £12 a day. The only catch here is that you only have 1080p, because you need a 4K cable package.

Sky Sports

You need a Sky Sports subscription to watch UK F1, with a dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel included with the whole package. This includes Premier League football, cricket, golf, and other sports.

Watch on Sky Sports

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