Gigabyte’s latest motherboards support Intel’s incoming next generation chips

The latest Gigabyte motherboards support the Intel chips expected on the 14th, which is expected to be launched soon.


  • Gigabyte is preparing new motherboards, Z790 Aorus Pro X and B760M Aorus Elite X AX, for Intel’s upcoming generation of 14 CPUs.
  • The main selling point of these motherboards is their out-of-the-box support for 14th generation CPUs, which saves time compared to updating the BIOS on older motherboards.
  • The Z790 Aorus Pro X has an 18+1+2 stage VRM, five M.2 slots (with PCIe 5.0 support), and support for 8,266MHz DDR5 memory. Motherboards are also white and have on-screen displays and LCD displays.

The refresh of the 14th generation of Intel Raptor Lake is an open secret at the moment, and since it will soon reach us we can expect motherboard manufacturers to prepare not only new BIOSes for old bottles, but also to install new ones. motherboards for these new chips. Gigabyte is already taking new motherboards ready for the 14th generation CPUs with two new motherboards: Z790 Aorus Pro X and B760M Aorus Elite X AX.

The main selling point of these motherboards, especially for most people, will be its support for 14th generation CPUs out of the box. Since it may take some time to get the new BIOS supported by the CPUs that are coming on older boards, installing new models that are confirmed to support it makes sense even if there are no new chipsets. Surprisingly, Gigabyte only mentions support for 14th generation CPUs and focuses on other aspects of the motherboard, probably because it is not at liberty to say more about the upcoming Intel CPUs.

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Gigabyte hasn’t released the hard specs for the B760M board yet, but the Z790 Aorus Pro X is available on Gigabyte’s website and we know it has an 18+1+2 stage VRM (probably to handle the Raptor Lake refresh chips), five M.2 slots (one of which it has PCIe 5.0 support), and supports 8,266MHz DDR5 memory. The B760M model should also support 8,266MHz DDR5 RAM. Since Raptor Lake Refresh cannot bring higher CPU frequencies, boosting RAM frequencies will help increase performance, especially in games.

Aside from the technical stuff, Gigabyte is specifically talking about the fact that these motherboards come in white, a rarity these days as most boards are close to completely black. There is also an on-board video port for the sensor panels, a small LCD screen for displaying machine information that has become very popular among enthusiasts recently.

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