Google can now recommend you the cheapest time to book a flight

Google Flights uses a variety of data to find the best time to book your flight.


  • Google Flights now recommends the best time to book a flight based on data availability, helping you save money on your travels.
  • Price tracking will let you know if the price of a trip has dropped significantly, but you’ll need to sign in to your Google account to do this.
  • Google offers a price verification badge, to ensure that flight prices do not drop. If they do, Google will reimburse you through Google Pay.

Google Flights is a mature service, launched ten years ago, that helps customers book flights to various destinations around the world through third party suppliers. It packs a lot of features including the ability to filter based on budget, destination, emissions, and more to find the best flight for your money. Now, the company is managing the project further with three new and existing projects.

Google Flights already shows you whether tickets to your destination are higher or lower than other months, but Google is going beyond that by offering you the best time to book a flight. For example, based on the flow of data and its analysis, the company can promise you to delay or speed up your flight booking according to the departure dates and prices for adjacent days, weeks, and months.

Next, we have price tracking that works in tandem with the above. It will automatically notify you if the price of the trip has dropped “significantly” as soon as you select a departure time to your destination. However, Google has confirmed that you need to sign in to your Google account to use the service properly, which makes sense considering that it includes only browsing information.

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Finally, to help this even further, Google also displays a price verification badge. This indicates that the price of the flight is not below the listed price, so you should book it. This is available on select flights departing from the United States as part of the Book on Google pilot program. The good thing is, if the price drops below the guaranteed price, Google will refund you the money via Google Pay.

This feature is active this week and can be used with Google Flights now.

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