Google enables autopay via UPI on Play Store: here’s how it works?

Google allows automatic payment via UPI in the Play Store: Google announced on Tuesday that it will add the option for users to pay for their orders using UPI IDs. The process remains the same as using any debit or credit card, but it uses the user’s linked UPI accounts to receive recurring payments for any services used. The feature builds on the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) restrictions on frequent online transactions, where services can no longer store users’ card details due to the rise in credit and debit card theft. . information leading to crowdfunding scams across the country.

Google has just enabled automatic payment for UPI payments on the Play Store in India. This means Android users can easily make payments without having to enter their bank account and routing number every time they make a purchase. This is a great addition as it will make it easier for users to stay organized and financially optimized. Plus, it will make online shopping so much faster and easier!

Google enables automatic payment through UPI in the Play Store

Google Play recently announced its UPI-based automatic payment option for Indian users who pay for in-app subscriptions. This app’s new payment option, UPI AutoPay, helps users make recurring payments easily using any UPI app that supports this feature. This should bring some relief to users, as recurring payments have failed since the RBI introduced its new rules that no longer allow companies to store card details without the user’s prior consent. The new Google Play range supports applications such as Google Pay, Paytm and Amazon, among others. NPCI launched UPI AutoPay in UPI 2.0 and is intended to help users make recurring payments using the UPI-based application of their choice.

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Google has enabled automatic payment for UPI transactions in the Google Play Store. This means you can now pay for items using your UPI account without having to enter your debit or credit card number. This is a great convenience for users as it eliminates the need to carry a separate wallet for cards. You can also use this feature to pay for services like streaming content and utilities, making paying your bills faster and easier.

Google enables automatic payment through UPI in the Play Store

Google enables automatic payment via UPI details

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How to use UPI Auto Pay?

Basically, UPI makes it easy to set up automatic orders. After selecting a subscription plan to purchase, tap the payment method in the cart, select “Pay with UPI” and accept the purchase through your compatible UPI app. Google plans to allow more people to access subscription-based services without relying solely on credit and debit cards. This change is also expected to increase revenue for Google Play subscription-based businesses. Currently, Google Play allows payments in more than 170 countries.

The platform integrates 300 local payment methods supported in more than 60 countries. UPI is one of the latest payment methods. UPI transactions were introduced to the Google Play Store in India in 2019. Google recently allowed developers to choose an external payment gateway for non-game apps. These developers can avoid Google’s 30 percent cut by redirecting the user to an external payment gateway. This option was offered in some countries, including India.

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How to use UPI for Google Play Store payments?

To use UPI in the Google Play Store, users need to open the checkout section. In this section, they need to add their registered UPI ID to their Google accounts to make payments. Adding this capability will allow services to directly deduct payments for paid apps and in-app subscriptions using UPI IDs. Users can now select their added UPI ID on the subscription screen of any service and agree to have the subscription paid to their UPI ID at that ID. The customer must authenticate the first transaction with the UPI ID using the UPI Security PIN, but will not be prompted when the subscription renews each month, similar to recurring card payments. historically worked.

Thinking of using UPI to make payments in the Google Play Store? If so, this guide is for you! We’ll show you how to set up UPI payments in the Play Store and explain the benefits of using UPI for online purchases. We also have a guide on how to make UPI payments in the Google Play Store using your Android smartphone. So whether you’re a new user or a seasoned shopper, we’ve got you covered!


Google has enabled automatic payment via UPI in the Play Store, making it easy for Android users to pay bills and make other payments without having to scroll through different screens. Here’s how it works: once you’ve set up automatic payment, all you need to do is link your bank account and credit/debit card details to your Google account. Once this is done, any purchases you make will be automatically processed and added to your bill. This is a great way to keep your finances organized and eliminates the need to remember different payment methods or deal with canceled or failed transactions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is available UPI AutoPay in Google Pay?

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Auto Pay offers multiple options for recurring payments with the Google Pay app. Note: @okaxis and @okhdfcbank are the current exchanges that support automatic payment.

How does automatic payment work at UPI?

A person can automate monthly payments of a specified amount to be deducted from the account on a specified day using UPI AutoPay. With this service it is possible to pay bills, obtain content subscriptions, public services and other elements.

What is UPI Auto Pay secure?

Consumers can sign up for Testbook through Razorpay UPI AutoPay, which is a secure and reliable solution.

What is Google Auto Pay?

Your payment method is automatically charged when you owe a certain amount of money. Your payment method is charged at the same time each month, known as automatic monthly payments. You can pay a charge in advance for an item or service that you will get or use later.

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