Google is extending Chromebook support to 10 years starting next year

To increase Chromebook security and support sustainability, Google is extending Chromebook support from 8 to 10 years.


  • Google is extending the life of Chromebooks by offering automatic updates for 10 years, aimed at increasing security.
  • Chromebooks before 2019 will also benefit from additional support.
  • Google is revising the plan to fix Chromebooks used in schools and introducing energy-efficient features in ChromeOS

Google is making some big changes that could affect the life of your Chromebook. The company says that starting in 2024, all new Chromebooks will be replaced up to 10 years after the Chromebook was released. That’s based on eight years of support that most Chromebooks already get.

Google is developing this feature as a way to increase Chromebook security. The update also applies to Chromebooks released from 2021 onwards, and if you have a Chromebook released before 2021, you’ll get the option to automatically add updates from the date they were previously scheduled. Chromebook lifespan has been one of its weaknesses against Windows laptops, but this now allows you to use your Chromebook for a long time. Google says that 10 years of updates is more than it is today. MacOS releases are usually kept for three years, and Windows 10 is kept for about 10 years.

In addition to extended support, Google is also implementing a quick fix for Chromebooks used in schools and will release power-efficient tools in ChromeOS. Google will offer updates to its Chromebook Repair Program to help repair software 50% faster, allowing authorized repair centers to repair Chromebooks without a USB key. As for power consumption in ChromeOS, it is a flexible charger and battery saver. With a flexible controller, you can maintain the health of your battery with a battery saver, and increase battery life by reducing energy-consuming processes.

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With all these updates, Google hopes you can love your Chromebook for a long time, and keep it safe. The changes are welcome and after a move like giving Steam, as well as a video editor, it is another way that Google handles ChromeOS and Chromebooks and Windows laptops and MacBooks.

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