Grab a 15.6-inch portable monitor for just $80 with this must-have deal

This a fantastic deal on a portable monitor that knocks $50 off its retail price.

Arzopa Portable Monitor Clip coupon for $50 discount$80 $130 Save $50

If you’re looking to expand your desktop setup or just need a light and portable monitor for when you’re on the go, the Arzopa 15.6-inch monitor is going to be a great choice that provides excellent value, especially at its newly discounted price.

$80 at Amazon

Sometimes you need a little extra screen real estate when working and lugging around your primary monitor just isn’t a viable option. That’s where portable monitors come into play, providing an extra screen, but in a thin and light package. While you’d think portable monitors would be expensive, pricing has come down quite a bit, and now, with this recent deal, you can score a 15.6-inch model for just $80.



If you’ve never heard of the Arpoza brand, the company strictly focuses on portable monitor products, offering a range of devices in different sizes and resolutions. The 15.6-inch model is a great starting point, because it’s not too big or too small, has 1080p resolution, beautiful color with support for HDR, weighs in at just 1.7 pounds, and measures 0.3 inches thick. The monitor is built using aluminum, which means it is relatively durable.

The monitor is easy to carry thanks to its included monitor case that also acts as a stand. In addition, it has a matte anti-glare IPS panel which makes it easier to see in bright environments, and has connections like USB-C and Mini HDMI, which makes it simple to connect to modern devices like smartphones and game consoles. While this monitor is slim, what might come as a surprise to some is that the monitor also has stereo speakers.

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Overall, you’re getting a superb package here, and with its recent discount that brings it down to just $80, it’s a no-brainer. Just make sure to clip the coupon before checking out to get the discounted price.

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