Here are all the new features Microsoft added to Teams in August 2023

Microsoft teams received more than 50 products in the month of August 2023, spread across different locations and target groups.


  • Microsoft teams added 52 new features in August, including a powerful core and the ability to join webinars on three devices at the same time.
  • Teams Phone now has the ability to provide instant calling and emergency calling options, as well as UI updates for easier navigation and faster joining of meetings.
  • Teams also launched new hardware licenses and made changes to chat and collaboration, Teams Rooms and Devices, platform availability, and monitoring the quality of meetings in real time.

Yesterday, Microsoft published a list of all the new features that it added to Excel in the month of August 2023. Now, the month that ends soon, the Redmond technology company has also described some of the new features and tools that it launched in its Teams program. Also, the same as last month. This time around, the company added 52 products.

Starting with meeting add-ons, Teams users can take advantage of flexible workflows to make their environments more immersive. On the other hand, those attending webinars can now extend the webinar link to join the event on three devices at the same time.

Teams Phone also got an update this month. For starters, the call forwarding process has been made easier for both parties and their agents through a refreshed interface. Another great feature also sees Teams Phone-certified devices being programmed to call dedicated people such as emergency services or the IT help desk as soon as they are picked up. A number of UI changes have also been made to other areas of the Teams Phone interface to reduce clutter, simplify navigation, and quickly join meetings.

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In particular, the Teams Shared Device license now supports the Teams mobile app for Android to update. Other minor changes include secure voice notifications and Teams online emergency calling where users can also add their location in case of an emergency. As always, new tools have been confirmed for Teams to use as well, added this month:

  • AudioCodes C435HD
  • AudioCodes C455HD-DBW
  • Yealink BH71 Workstation and headphones
  • B&O Beocom EX Earbuds
  • Algo IP tools are now compatible with Teams SIP Gateway

Shifting gears to add to chat and collaboration, the message hover menu has been updated. If you look at someone else’s message, you’ll see a dedicated reply icon. Similarly, if you look at one of your messages, you will see a picture change. Improvements have also been made to the central chat interface, so you now get line cutters and symbols in conversations and time stamps in the left column. Additionally, Tasks added to Loop will be linked to Microsoft Planner and ToDo.

Next, we have the changes made to the Teams Rooms and Devices experience. Microsoft’s AI technology on Front Row view can now split the background, change the size of the participants, and make the background look like they are all in the same room. Other enhancements include support for aerial audio, smart camera features to identify different people in the meeting room and create individual streams from them in the mirror view, face and voice registration for recognition and recording in multi-channel meetings, the ability to scan a QR Code on Team Panels to book a room, as well as new changes to the Teams Panels in the Teams Admin Center. Most importantly, the following tools are now confirmed for the Teams Rooms experience as well:

  • Cisco Room Kit EQ and Navigator for Teams Rooms on Android
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Core with Lenovo IP Controller Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • Jabra Speak2 75 for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
  • AudioCodes RX-PANEL Conference Organizer
  • Logitech Rally Bar Huddle for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
  • Yealink DeskVision A24 for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
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There are several cross-platform changes in the form of a Graph API for accessing Teams meetings and the ability to embed meeting apps in the Teams Admin Center. Meanwhile, IT teams with a Teams Premium license can monitor meeting status in real-time via telemetry, which can be useful in identifying areas for improvement. As for Teams Premium users, admins can change the mode to only show events for meeting attendees. On the other hand, Teams mobile clients can choose their own language for better voice translation and add new Channels layouts on Android.

There are many other updates in store for frontline staff and academic customers, and you can see more about them in the dedicated sections here.

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