How to apply for HDFC Freedom Card?

How to apply for the HDFC Freedom card? – One of the best credit cards on the market is the HDFC Freedom credit card, which offers rewards. This is a basic credit card with many benefits such as fuel benefits, dining benefits, bonus reward points on groceries and other categories, and more. If you’re new to credit and planning to start your credit journey, this is a good companion. To help you decide if the HDFC Freedom Credit Card is right for you, here’s our in-depth review:

How to apply for the HDFC Freedom card?

The HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card is a basic entry level credit card for first time cardholders offered by HDFC Bank. It has a low membership fee of just Rs and is based on rewards points. 500 annually. You can also get rid of the renewal fee for as little as Rs. 50,000 in a year of celebration. You get one cash point for every Rs. With this card, you can spend $150 and get extra cash points at BookMyShow, OYO, BigBasket and other well-known brands. Additionally, the card comes with a notable introductory benefit that provides a low interest rate of 0.9 percent only for the first ninety days after the activation date. Read on to learn more about the HDFC core product.

How to apply for the HDFC Freedom card?

How to apply for the HDFC Freedom Card

Freedom Credit Card Key Highlights

  • If you spend on dinner, grocery, train, taxi, and movie tickets, you’ll get five times more reward points.
  • Take advantage of your birthday by earning 25 times more reward points on all purchases made with the card.
  • Receive ten times more reward points for all your SmartBUY and PayZapp purchases.
  • When you spend more than Rs. 90,000 in a year, you get Rs. Gift card of 1,000.
  • If the annual expenses exceed Rs 50,000, the renewal fee is waived.
  • A term of up to 50 days without interest.
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Freedom Credit Card Features and Benefits

Annual and renewal benefits

  • Get a Rs 1,000 gift certificate for every year you spend Rs 90,000.
  • If you spend Rs 60,000 on your card during the year, you will not have to pay a membership fee for the following year.

fuel benefits

  • Your fuel purchases between Rs. 400 and rupees. 5,000 will not be subject to a one percent fuel surcharge, with a maximum of 250 per reporting cycle.

Reward Point Benefits

  • 500 reward points, a welcome bonus.
  • 25 reward points can be earned for birthday purchases.
  • With your credit card, you can earn 5x reward points for spending on movies, shopping, restaurants, taxis, and trains.
  • Receive ten times more reward points for all your SmartBUY and PayZapp purchases.
  • Get 500 reward points as a renewal bonus when you pay the renewal fee.

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HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card Limit

The credit limits of the HDFC Opportunity card are fully under the supervision of the bank. The bank thinks through specific elements before doling out a credit limit. The candidate’s FICO score, credit report, and past and future advancement repayment propensities are also considered.

HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card Reward Point Benefits

  • Receive 1 reward point for every Rs 150 spent.
  • Earn 25x reward points for every birthday purchase you make.
  • Earn 5x accelerated reward points on movie, restaurant, grocery, train and taxi reservations and 10x on PayZapp and SmartBUY purchases.
  • Receive 500 bonus reward points when you pay your renewal fee.
  • A nice bonus of 500 points when paying your annual fee.
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HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card Fees and Charges

Type of charge Amount
Annual quota 500 rupees
interest-free period up to 50 days
Minimum redemption amount 5% or a minimum of Rs 200
Revolving Credit Charges 3.49% monthly
cash advance limit 40% of the credit limit
Late Payment Fees If the statement balance is less than Rs 100 – zero

Balance between Rs.100 and Rs.500 – Rs.100

· Balance between 500 rupees and 5,000 rupees – 500 rupees

· Balance between 5,001 and 10,000 rupees – 600 rupees

· Balance between 10,001 and 25,000 rupees – 800 rupees

· More than 25,000 rupees – 950 rupees

additional card fee Free
Return of payment expenses 2% of the payment amount subject to a minimum of Rs 450.
Reward Redemption Fee Rs 99 per redemption request
Account charges over the limit 2.5% of the amount above the limit subject to a minimum of Rs 500
Cash Advance Fees 2.5% of the amount withdrawn or Rs 500, whichever is greater
Balance Transfer Processing Fees 1% of the balance transfer amount or Rs 250. The greater amount will be taken.
Remote Station Check Processing Fees Check value up to Rs 5,000 – Rs 25

Check value of more than Rs 5,000 – Rs 50

Cash Processing Fee 100 rupees
Reissue a stolen, lost or damaged card 100 rupees
Train ticket purchase fee 1.8% of the transaction amount + GST
Foreign currency transactions 3.5%
Fuel Transaction Fees Rs 250 will be removed per statement cycle

HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

  • The primary cardholder must be between the ages of 21 and 60 to be a salaried individual. Your gross monthly income must exceed Rs. 12,000
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 65 to be able to be self-employed.
  • Your annual income tax returns must exceed Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • The main applicant must be an Indian citizen or non-resident.
  • The complementary card holder must be at least 15 years old.
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Documents Required to Apply for HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card

  • Copy of form 60 and PAN card.
  • Complete application form
  • Income documentation, such as a copy of your most recent Form 16 or IT statements.
  • Two color photographs the size of a passport.
  • Proof of your address, such as a copy of your electricity bill, passport or PAN card.
  • An identity document, such as a driver’s license, PAN card or Aadhaar card.

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How to redeem the reward points obtained with the HDFC Bank Freedom credit card?

Reward points can be redeemed in person or online. You will need to download the rewards redemption form from the HDFC Bank website if you want to do it offline. Please complete the information and send it to the following address:

  • First of all, please login to your HDFC credit card net bank account.
  • Select the tab labeled “credit cards”.
  • After registering your card, select “continue” from the dropdown menu under “redeem reward points.”
  • You will then be redirected to the rewards redemption page on the website.
  • “Redeem Reward Points” will appear.
  • Select the item category from the drop down menu.
  • Select the range of points to evaluate the various products after that.
  • Items can be selected and added to your shopping cart for purchase.
  • Click “view your shopping cart” after selecting the items.
  • Check the box after reading the terms and conditions.
  • Click “redeem” when done. It is necessary to record the refund order number for future reference.

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