How to board enemy ships in Starfield

Space combat is one of the features starry sky Introducing how to take advantage of its sci-fi setting. You’ll get a ship almost immediately to start your journey, but if you’re interested in becoming a space pirate, you’ll probably want to upgrade. No matter what you pilot, it’s more expensive to pirate if you choose to board an enemy ship rather than simply blast it to star shards.While not the most complex space sim, know how to board enemy ships starry sky A little tricky.

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How to board an enemy ship

While cruising between planets and stars, you are free to engage in combat with any ship you find. To get the most out of your piracy efforts, make sure you board an enemy ship and loot all the goodies inside.

Step 1: Enter your ship and enter orbit.

Step 2: Fly around until you find the target ship.


Step Three: Fight and attack until you disable shields and engines.

Step 4: Stop shooting before the ship’s health drops to zero.

Step 5: Make sure you lock onto the ship and fly within 500 meters.

A cockpit view of an enemy ship that can be docked with.
Bethesda Softworks

Step 6: Once within this range, board A prompt will appear.

Step 7: Hold the button to dock your ship with the target. You and your companions can walk inside the boat.

Be aware that the crew may not be too welcoming of you aboard, so bring some strong guns and be ready for a fight.

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