How to Build a LEGO Car 2023? Step by Step Full Guide

Build a LEGO Car – You’ve come to the right place if you love Legos and want to learn how to build a cool car out of them. Check out these cool posts that demonstrate how to build a Lego car. Who else likes to build simple LEGO structures? Before I got my 8-year-old son a LEGO creative brick set, I used to feel like he wasn’t really a LEGO person. I happen to like LEGOs, but I need a little more imaginative stimulation than is usually provided in conventional LEGO kits.

In this blog post, we will show you how to build a LEGO car using a fun and simple building system. We’ll talk about the different parts of the car and how to assemble them, and we’ll give you step-by-step instructions so you can create your own LEGO car in no time. If you’re a LEGO enthusiast or just looking for a fun project to do with your kids, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

Is it trendy to build a LEGO car?

If you’re like us, you’ll like these step-by-step instructions for building a simple LEGO car. Start building the fundamentals before moving on to something much more challenging, like a LEGO Eiffel Tower or LEGO Submarine!

Make sure you have the right LEGO box before you start building your LEGO car. To create this car we used the big one. You can create and build almost anything you can think of using LEGO building pieces, which is one of its best features. Building a LEGO car is a quick and easy activity that is enjoyable for both beginning and experienced builders. A LEGO car can be built in a variety of ways, but the fundamental ideas that guide its construction never change.

How To Build A LEGO Car 2023 Full Step By Step Guide

Details of how to build a LEGO car

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Things you have to know

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  • To build a LEGO car, you will need at least 4 wheels, 2 axles and a long piece to connect them.
  • You can also add seats, doors, windshield and steering wheel depending on the pieces you have on it.
  • Build the car body on top of the long connector pieces. Then press the axles and tires to the bottom of the piece in LEGO Car.
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Setting up your build station

1. Gather your LEGO materials. Make sure you have the instructions and all the necessary parts for your car if you are following a set of instructions for an official LEGO car kit. Make sure you have a variety of LEGO parts on hand if you’re building your own car so you can build whatever you want.

  • You will need at least four tires of the same size, two axles of the same size, and at least one long LEGO piece to attach them to create a simple LEGO car. You may want to enhance the details of your car by adding LEGO car steering wheels, seats, windshield and doors.

2. Find a clear and safe space to build the car. A table or desk near a bright light source is a good place to build a LEGO car. You want to find a space that is large enough for you to lay out your pieces (and instructions, if you’re using them).

  • LEGO pieces are small and can be a choking hazard to pets and small children if left lying around. If they are left on the ground, they may also be stepped on, which can be painful. Building on the floor will work, but keep an eye on your pieces to make sure they stay in a contained area.

3. Carefully spread out your LEGO pieces in front of you. Organize the pieces by size and shape, to make it easier to choose the pieces you need to know.

  • If you are working with young children, make sure they do not put LEGO pieces in their mouths as they are a choking hazard.

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Building a basic LEGO car

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps required to build a basic LEGO car. We’ll cover the basics of LEGO building and provide helpful tips along the way to make building as easy and fun as possible. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced builder, this tutorial will surely help you. So get ready to start building!

1. Assemble your pieces. Almost everyone has LEGO pieces on hand, which can be used to build this simple car. For this car you will need a variety of parts and you can change the parts you use depending on what you have. The measurements of LEGO pieces are indicated in number of “nails” (the “dots” on many LEGO pieces). A 2 × 4 brick is one that is 2 studs wide and 4 studs long.

  • For the chassis you will need 4 tires of the same size, 2 rectangular axles of the same size and a 4×12 skinny plate (the long skinny LEGO pieces).
  • For the body, you will need 2 2×2 bricks, 6 2×4 bricks, 4 1×2 bricks, 1 1×4 brick, 2 transparent 2×2 corner bricks, 1 LEGO windshield and 1 LEGO steering wheel. piece.
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2. Fit the tires onto the axle pieces. The shaft pieces are small square or rectangular pieces that have spikes on either side. Place a tire at each point. When you finish them, you should have two sets of wheels connected by the axles of the car.

  • Make sure the axle and tire parts fit snugly. The tires need to be secure, but still need to be able to spin freely.
  • Please make sure your tires and base part are provided. Small tires will not adequately support a larger LEGO car and that will impede speed and movement.

3. Build the front hood. You will need 2 square 2×2 bricks and two clear 2×2 angular bricks for this car. Alternatively, you can use one 2×4 brick and two 2×2 clear angular bricks.

  • Place the clear bricks on top of the square bricks of this car.
  • Place the pieces you just completed on the front of your car.
  • Make sure the end of the plate is flush with the edge of the pieces you joined them.

4. Build the windshield section. This piece will sit directly behind the hood you just built. You will need 2 2×4 bricks and a LEGO 2×4 windshield.

  • Stack two 2×4 bricks together. Attach the windshield piece. Attach this section to the board just behind the piece you attached in Step 3.

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5. Build the cabin. You will need 1 2×4 rectangular brick, 2 1×2 rectangular bricks, and a 1×2 LEGO steering wheel.

  • Place the 1×2 bricks at each end of the 2×4 brick. When you’re done, it should look somewhat like a short “u.”
  • Place the ruffle in the space between the 1×2 bricks. The piece should be on the last row of studs with the wheel facing you. Press in that place.
  • Attach this section to the base just behind the windshield sections.
  • Build the body of the car. You will need 1 2×4 brick and 2 1×2 bricks. Put these together to make a “u”. Attach this section to the plate just behind the cab.

6. Build the rear end and the “spoiler”. You will need 2 2×4 bricks, 1 1×4 brick, and 1 2×4 plate (thinner than the bricks).

  • Stack the two 2×4 bricks. Place the 1×4 brick at the back of these stacks.
  • Press the plate onto the 1×4 brick so that it hangs down a bit from the back of the frame. It should resemble the small “wing” on the back of a sports car.
  • Attach this section to the base just behind the Lego body section.

7. Press the axle pieces into the bottom of the plate. One should go under the front of the base and the other under the back.

  • The front edge of the front wheels should roughly line up with the front end of the base pieces. The trailing edge of the rear tires should roughly line up with the rear end of the Lego Car base piece.
  • If the tires are clogged, change the width of the base piece or find two longer axle pieces to match.
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8. Select a LEGO figure. Bend the figure at the waist so that it is sitting and place it in the space behind the wheel.

9. Enjoy your car! If you move too slowly, the car may be too big for the base part and tires. You can experiment with different designs to get the look and power you want.


If you’re a fan of LEGO and love building cars, you’ll want to check out this awesome LEGO car building kit. It is perfect for children of all ages and has a wide range of components that allow you to build your own car. The instructions are easy to follow and the finished product is sure to be a hit with LEGO fans around the world.

Building a LEGO car can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and instructions, it’s actually a pretty simple process. In this blog post, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started, from assembly tips to tips on how to make your LEGO car look its best. So if you’re a LEGO enthusiast looking for a new project or just trying to expand your skills beyond the usual building blocks, this post is for you!

Frequent questions

How to make a moving LEGO car?

Assemble your pieces: motor, dimmer, power, and cable. Connect your power to the battery. Now connect power to the dimmer. connect the wire to the dimmer and the other end to the motor. Then add the axle and wheels to the motor. Then add the roof of the car.

How to make a fast LEGO car?

Make it heavy! …Make sure your tires don’t rub against the side of your car! Larger LEGO® wheels are generally faster than smaller LEGO® wheels. If you can, use Technic trucks and wheels instead of clip-on wheels, they are faster.

What is the coolest LEGO car?

Ferrari Daytona SP3. LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3. Batmobile glass. LEGO DC Super Heroes Batmobile Tumbler. … Return to the time machine of the future. LEGO icons Back to the future time machine. … Ghostbusters ECTO-1. … Ford Mustang. …Optimus Prime. … heavy duty crane. …Chevrolet Camaro Z28. .

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