How to change the difficulty in Sea of Stars

in every aspects, sea ​​of ​​stars It feels like a throwback to the RPG craze of decades past, thanks to its gorgeous 16-bit visuals and turn-based combat encounters that truly capture one of gaming’s most memorable eras. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer modern conveniences, as it’s actually a very accessible game with plenty of creative design choices that feel like it’s fitting for our current times as well. One of the ways it adds a modern twist is through its unique difficulty system, which eschews the usual easy/medium/hard choices in favor of something more customizable. Here’s how it works.

How to use relics to change difficulty

similar to ring system final fantasy 16, sea ​​of ​​stars Various relics allow you to customize the difficulty of the game to your liking, with individual perks and boons that can be toggled on and off at any time. These can be found in the status menu by scrolling down to “Relics,” and the game will give you two early on, though it’s also important to keep an eye out for other items you can pick up.

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Those looking for a lighter experience might appreciate the storytelling amulet, which you can access at the beginning of your journey. The relic doubles your overall health and automatically heals you after a fight, making many areas of the game much easier. However, you can also learn a little bit of clever strategy in your quests, which will reduce your HP by 95% and add extra bonuses for correctly timed blocks and attacks, making the game much more difficult.

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You’ll also be able to pick up relics when you’re playing Starsea, which toggles difficulty by offering less straightforward ways like increased sailing speed or store discounts. Be sure to explore thoroughly and talk to each merchant to make sure you don’t miss some important game modifiers, which you can then toggle on or off whenever you want a more or less challenging gameplay experience.

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