How to change your appearance in Starfield

Some people like to spend hours on character creation, while others just want to jump right into the game. starry sky There isn’t the most powerful system for modeling your character, but you can still spend a lot of time before choosing backgrounds or traits. Even if you do take the time, there’s a good chance that after tens or hundreds of hours you’ll eventually get tired of looking at the same face and want something new.You’d never know it unless you stumbled across it, but starry sky Does allow you to change your appearance once opened. Here’s how to do it.

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How to change your appearance

You can change your character’s appearance almost immediately after introduction starry sky By visiting a specific location.

Step One: Go to New Atlantis.

Step 2: Go to the business district.


Step 3: Go straight from the train station, past the Infinity Ltd. building on the left.

Step 4: The next build is the Augment! The store has a big blue and yellow sign with a face on it.

Step 5: Go in and talk to the receptionist and pay 500 credits to take you back to the character creation screen where you can completely reshape your character.

You can come back here and change your character at any time as long as you have a small fee of 500 credits.

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