How to Clean Car Carpet Stains 2023 Full Guides

Cleaning car carpet stains: Without a doubt, the interior of your car, SUV or truck will get dirty, especially the carpets. The situation could become even worse if children or pets are added. You probably don’t pay much attention to the carpets in your car, other than the occasional vacuuming, thinking that the carpets will probably remove most of the dirt and stains. But think again because dirt, debris, and stains can get under those rugs and into the carpet under your seats. You’ll end up with a nasty, moldy, odorless mess before you know it.

Regular car cleaning is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some maintenance jobs, like carpet cleaning, you can do yourself, rather than have a detailer do. You don’t even need any cleaning machines or products that detailers use. You have probably been looking for how to clean the car carpet without a machine. It is not so difficult. Although you may have to do some manual sweeping and mopping, it’s not that labor intensive. On the plus side, it costs little to nothing, since you can combine your handiwork with the use of a do-it-yourself car carpet cleaner made from household items.

How to clean stains from car carpets

Even if you’re very careful, the more time you spend in your car, the more likely the carpet is to get stained. They will vary in size and severity, just like other types of stains inside your vehicle. Your feet will also cause damage by grinding up food, candy, gum, mud, and anything else that might fall on the floor of your car.

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When you use a steam cleaner like the Fortador Pro Plus or the Fortador Volt Electra, which will make the job easier and more thorough, knowing how to clean carpet stains will keep your vehicle looking great for a long time. Stains on your car carpets can be hard to remove, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Without the use of harsh chemicals, you can clean and deodorize your car’s carpet.

How to clean car carpet stains 2023

Details of how to clean car carpet stains

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1. Prepare the interior of the car for cleaning

Place your car in a place where there is enough space to fully open all the doors and you still have some room to move. It is in your best interest to park outside, where there is sufficient sunlight.

Start collecting things like candy wrappers, small rocks, food scraps, bottle caps, pens, paper, and any other debris from the floor after opening all the doors and looking around the floor of the car. If you have throw rugs, take them out and put them in a separate area for cleaning.

Clean everything you can reach by looking under seats and in corners.

2. Vacuum the car carpet

It is essential to vacuum a vehicle correctly in order to remove stains from the carpet. The vacuum should be able to remove dirt and loose debris that may be too small for you to pick up. Reach under the seats, pedals, and steering wheel with some effort.

You should be able to get a better idea of ​​the number and type of stains that need to be cleaned after a full vacuum.

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3. Clean car carpet stains

Spot clean car carpet after deep cleaning the interior. Prepare the necessary cleaning agents that can help in the partial or total removal of stains on the carpet in your vehicle by identifying the type of stain.

  • Food stains and lipstick may require a synthetic stain remover or isopropyl alcohol to initially remove the most stubborn stains.
  • Coffee and wine spills are some of the worst stains on carpets due to their acidity and deep colors. You can use a mild detergent mixed with water to gently wash the stain before shampooing the rug.
  • For oil and grease stains, you can use a liquid detergent. Apply a small amount to the affected area and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before cleaning.
  • For organic stains that look like blood, vomit, and urine, you can use a combination of liquid detergent to clean stains and baking soda to remove odors.
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4. Wash the carpet with shampoo

It is also important to know which shampoo to use to remove stains from car carpets. Visit an auto detail or supply store to purchase a carpet shampoo for your vehicle. Although the normal hair shampoo formula is not suitable for carpets and may cause discoloration, it can still be effective. Also, you will still need water to dilute your hair shampoo. If you use too little water, the shampoo won’t work and you risk soaking the carpet.

Spray or apply the car carpet shampoo lightly, being careful not to apply too much or you may have trouble cleaning it up later. Read the product instructions carefully.

Using a circular motion with a small, soft-bristled cleaning brush, apply the shampoo to the carpet. Repeat this several times on the stained areas until the stain is gone. Brushing the carpet too hard can cause damage.

Wipe away bubbles from the cleaner with a dry or microfiber cloth. Some of the dirt that has stuck deeper into the carpet will float on the foam, making it easier to remove.

It is time to start the drying process after you have cleaned the carpet and removed the shampoo.

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5. Dry the carpet

Take a clean towel. It will absorb any remaining liquid or moisture if you press it firmly against the rug.

After that, let the mat air dry by opening all the doors. This can take several hours if it dries in direct sunlight.

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Look around the rug and if there are any areas that are still damp, let them dry until the moisture is gone. If not, you may also need to learn how to remove mold from your car. This is due to the fact that mold and mildew can thrive in any type of humidity.

final touches

We recommend doing another round of vacuuming once the rugs are completely dry. Deep-seated dirt and debris will be removed by shampooing and brushing.

Do you remember the set of car mats you saved? Before returning the mats to the vehicle, clean them thoroughly while you wait for the carpet to dry (here’s a quick guide with a video on how to clean rubber mats). To remove dust and dirt, shake the mats vigorously. Clean stubborn dirt from carpets by vacuuming both sides. Wipe down the mat with damp rags if it’s made of plastic. If your rugs are made of cloth, you can use carpet shampoo to clean them the same way you clean your rugs.

Before you put the mats back in the car, give it a few more shakes to make sure. Hang them up to dry.

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