How to Clean Slot Car Track Rails and and Get Rid Corrosion 2023 Full Guides

Clean Slotted Car Track Rails and Remove Corrosion – To remove surface dirt from your track rails, simply wipe them clean with a cloth lightly oiled with PSR Braid Conditioner. This will improve vehicle pickup on the track. A track rubber is an additional option. Because dust can accumulate and decrease the level of grip, it may also be necessary to clean the track surface. You may need a quick wash if the track hasn’t run in a while. We suggest cleaning the train tracks. To remove dirt from the surface of the rails, simply wipe them with a cloth lightly oiled with PSR Braid Conditioner. This will improve vehicle pickup on the track. A track rubber is an additional option.

One of the most common problems on slot car tracks is corrosion. This occurs when parts like fasteners and gears get wet or salty and eventually attract minerals and dirt. The resulting buildup can lead to poor performance or even security issues. Fortunately, there are several ways to help prevent corrosion on your tracks. First, be sure to keep your rink dry and well lit by avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and using a light source (such as LED lights) instead of sunlight if possible. Second, periodically check the condition of your track by cleaning off any debris or mud buildup with a suitable cleaner (such as soap and water or a mild detergent).

Clean slot car track rails and remove corrosion

Slot car racing is a fun hobby, but if you haven’t cleaned your rails in a while, you may not be able to satisfy your desire for speed. Because the rails carry electricity to cars and hold them in place, the cleaner they are, the faster and smoother your cars will run. Rails can corrode if cars continue to stop or slide off the track, although a simple cleaning is usually enough to keep the tracks clean. Don’t worry, corrosion can also be removed.

Cleaning and maintaining your track rails is a critical step in ensuring the proper function and overall performance of your slot track. First, be sure to periodically clean the tracks with a damp cloth or soap and water to remove dirt, debris, and oils. Also, be sure to clean the rails with lubricant after each use to prevent friction and grit buildup. Finally, be sure to store your track in a dry place to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion. With regular maintenance and cleaning, your slot track will run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy hours of fun and excitement!

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How to Clean Slot Car Track Rails and Remove Corrosion 2023

Clean slotted car track rails and remove corrosion detail

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How To Clean Slot Car Track Rails And Remove Corrosion Comprehensive Guides

Clean your slot track rails and remove corrosion using a mild soap and water solution. You should also wash the track well with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean the rails, as this can scratch the metal surface and lead to further corrosion. Lastly, dry your rails well to prevent moisture from building up and causing further problems. By following these steps, you can keep your track in good working order and ensure it lasts for many years.

Quick clean

1. For basic cleaning, dampen a clean cloth with warm water. The water is sufficient for daily cleaning, although specialized track cleaners are available. Take a clean microfiber or bar rag and dampen it. You don’t need a lot of moisture for this, so wring out any excess water.

  • If your tracks are permanently installed, clean the rails once a week. Clean the tracks every time you take them out of a box where they are kept.

2. For the most comfortable trip possible, use braid conditioner instead of water. Buy a special conditioner to increase the conductivity of the braids if you really want to improve your speed. The metallic threads that protrude from the slot car and rest on the rails are the braids. The car moves when you turn it on because electrical current from the rail flows through the braids.

  • Braid conditioner can be purchased online or at hobby stores that sell model railroad supplies.
  • Choose the braid conditioner if you like competitive racing or are an avid slot car enthusiast. It will be worth it to have a slight advantage over the water.

3. Gently and evenly move the dampened cloth over the rail. Drag the wet part of the cloth across the track in the same direction as the cars while holding it down. To remove surface dirt and dust that accumulates on the rails, walk the track.

  • You can start anywhere on the track. Because each track is the same length, it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you complete the course.
  • Clean each length of rail separately if your rail is disassembled.
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4. Clean the tracks two or three more times after reloading the cloth. Reload the cloth with additional water or braid conditioner after thoroughly cleaning the surface of the tracks. Make sure everything is off the rails by clearing the tracks another two or three times.

5. To prevent rust, hand dry the rail with a clean microfiber cloth. Take a new piece of microfiber cloth and fold it several times. Move it around the track the same way you cleaned it. To remove all moisture, repeatedly wrap the cloth around the track.

  • To speed drying, hit the rails with a few bursts of compressed air.

6. To clean the inside of the rails, drive a slot car around the track several times. What can you reach inside the rails that you can’t reach outside? Your arcade cars! Insert the pin under any slot car on the rail after placing it. To eliminate the inside gap between the rails, turn it on and drive it around the track three to five times. Take the car off the track when you’re done and clean the pin of any dirt that might have picked up from the track.

  • The rails are probably corroded if your cars stopped earlier and continue to stop after clearing the tracks. Because the rails are so small, you may not be able to see any corrosion, but if your cars stall or slide, you’ll definitely notice it.

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corrosion removal

1. To restore your rails, take a fine drywall sponge and use it. Purchase a drywall sanding sponge at the building supply store. This can be done with anything 120 grit or higher. The sponge gently removes corroded metal without damaging sound parts of the rails.

  • An eraser will also work if you can’t afford a drywall sponge.
  • Do not use steel wool or sandpaper for this. They are too hard and bits of sandpaper or steel wool only a few microns in size can get stuck in the tracks.

2. The drywall sponge should be rubbed back and forth along the entire length of the track. Place the sponge on the rail and drag it back and forth several times over the same area with light pressure. Then proceed in the same way to the next section of the track. To remove corrosion, go over the entire track.

  • The flat parts of your track will not be damaged. They are made to withstand some abrasion.
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3. To remove debris, blow compressed air between the rails. In the mouthpiece place the straw that came with the compressed air. Squeeze the trigger while holding the nozzle at a 45 degree angle above the rails. To remove all corrosive residue, drag the can down the track.

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  • In this way, corrosive particles that may have fallen between the rails are removed.

4. To check the smoothness of the track, drive a slot car around it five times. Insert a new slot car on the track. Drive it around the track several times after turning it on. Push it forward if it gets stuck or caught on part of the railing and check if the problem returns. If not, your vehicle’s pin has cleared the obstruction.

  • If the car stops every time in the same place, there is still corrosion there. Try again after blowing out the sponge and rubbing it over the area another four or five times.
  • When you’re done, clean the car’s push pin to remove track debris.

5. To remove any remaining dust, wipe the rail with a dry cloth. Run a dry cloth around the track once the corrosion is gone and it runs smoothly. Clean in the same direction that vehicles are moving. Thanks to this, the flattest section of the track is free of corrosive debris or dust.

  • Because the small fibers in a microfiber cloth will absorb small debris in the small rails, it is ideal for this application.
  • If you want, you can wipe it all down with a damp rag soaked in mineral spirits, but this is controversial among slot machine enthusiasts. Dust can attract spirits and build up on the tracks, which is why some slot racers think it’s not worth it.

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