How to Close FD in SBI Online / Offline Before Maturity 2023

How to Close FD at SBI Online: State Bank of India offers its customers several term deposit options to hold excess funds and receive reasonable interest rates over a period of time. Investors simply deposit funds when opening an account and choose a term that is convenient and feasible. During this period, depositors cannot withdraw or deposit more money, except in specific cases. Circumstances may arise that require the early closure of your FD account with SBI. This should do the same as if you weren’t currently in your hometown, even if necessary. So with SBI’s robust online infrastructure, you can close your FD account online, without worry or hassle.

Closing FD online in SBI is a very simple process that can be completed in a few steps. First, you need to log in to your bank’s website and navigate to the “My Accounts” section. This will allow you to access your personal financial information and make payments or deposits. You must also have access to the “FD” (or savings) account, which contains the funds you have deposited. To close FD online, you must select your FD account from the list of accounts and then select “Close” from the dropdown menu. Once this step is complete, you will be asked to enter your personal information and verify your identity. Once this step is complete, the bank will close your FD account and release any remaining funds. Overall, it’s a quick and easy process to close an FD account at SBI online!

How to close FD in SBI Online

One of the safest investment options is a bank fixed deposit (FD). Online FD opening is available from prominent financial institutions like State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank among others. Did you know that you can also close your FD online? You can open it online. The process of closing an FD is simple and can be completed online or in person at a bank branch. An FD can be closed before or after expiration.

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To close FD at SBI online, you will need to visit the “My Account” section of the SBI website and navigate to the “Funds Transfer” tab. Here you can see all available funds transfer options and select the one that best suits your needs. Once you’ve selected the option, you can send money from your existing bank account or create a new one by providing the necessary details. To close an FD in SBI online, you will also need to provide valid bank information such as your bank account number and routing/transaction number. Please ensure that you provide all necessary details correctly and in a timely manner so that SBI can process your application in a timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns about how to close FD in SBI online, please contact us for help.

How to close FD in SBI Online

How to close FD in SBI Online Overview

What is a fixed deposit?

A fixed deposit is an account that allows you to invest for a set period of time, as the name suggests. Investment returns are also fixed at a particular interest rate. A fixed deposit is a bank account that allows you to store money in a secure, FDIC-insured account for a set period of time. Fixed deposits can be used as a convenient way to store money for future use or as a source of income. The money in your fixed deposit account will earn interest at the bank’s general interest rate, which is generally higher than the interest rate on other types of deposits. A fixed deposit typically has a set expiration date, which determines when your deposit funds will be fully released to you.

What are the characteristics of SBI Fixed Deposit?

With the following features, SBI enables its clients to open FD accounts:

  • There is no maximum limit to the amount of money customers can deposit.
  • It is possible to pay interest on returns quarterly or monthly.
  • The deposit can be made for as little as seven days or up to ten years.
  • The customer must make a deposit of at least Rs. 1,000 for the opening of SBI FD account.
  • Bank customers can also use the nomination function.
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How to break or close SBI Fixed Deposit (FD) account online?

Just like opening an FD account with SBI, closing or canceling an FD account with the bank is simple. You can complete the process online at any time and the funds in the FD account in your name will be credited to your account upon completion. How to break fd online in sbi:

  • Go to the official website of SBI (
  • On the screen, select the Fixed Deposit tab.
  • The ETDR/STDR (FD) tab is located below the FD tab. Select it.
  • Now the option that says “Shut down the air conditioning prematurely” will appear. Select it. There will be a list.
  • The FDs in your SBI account will be listed in this section.
  • You can choose the specific SBI FD you want to close from this list. Select “Continue”.
  • Your FD account details such as expiration date and deposited amount should be verified. This is done to make sure that out of all the accounts that are common, you close the correct FD account.
  • You can specify the reason for account closure in the Comments section before clicking Confirm.
  • There must be an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile phone number. As part of the confirmation process, the bank sends this.
  • After entering the OTP, select Confirm.
  • SBI will send you a message confirming that your SBI FD account was successfully closed after you click “confirm”.
  • Funds from your FD account will be transferred to your preferred bank account when your online account is closed.
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How to break or close Fixed Deposit (FD) in SBI offline?

Previously, we were taught how to close an SBI fixed deposit online. You can also cancel your FD account with the offline bank if you want to close it manually by going to an SBI branch.

  • Make a request to close your FD account at an SBI branch in your area.
  • The bank management will ask you to fill out an FD early withdrawal form.
  • Enter your name, your bank account number, your SBI FD account number and other relevant information.
  • In the branch deliver the completed form.
  • The bank will start processing the request for early withdrawal of the FD amount as soon as it is received.
  • Once the bank successfully processes the application, your SBI FD account will be closed.
  • Your bank savings account will receive the money you deposit into the account.

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What happens to the SBI FD account at maturity?

The following is what SBI can do with your FD account if it has reached the end of its term and you have not withdrawn the funds at its discretion:

  • On the due date, the bank will liquidate your account and transfer all of your funds to the savings account linked to the FD account.
  • The bank will automatically renew your FD account for an additional year, or until expiration, whichever comes first.
  • The bank will reinvest the interest from your SBI FD account for the original term you selected. Your linked savings account will receive the remaining principal amount.

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