How to Close IDFC First Bank Account Online, Form

How to Close IDFC First Bank Account: Opening and closing bank accounts is a decision that requires self-analysis and weighing the pros and cons. Most people choose a bank account to save money on a daily or monthly basis. Banks offer investment plans and other banking and financial services. Make our services available to all customers. IDFC First Bank (IDFC Bank) provides a range of banking and financial services to millions of customers in India. Banks have developed digital platforms that allow customers to easily access online banking services. It is very rare for a client to close a bank account without an exceptional reason. Most customers keep their accounts inactive so they can access them later when needed. However, if the customer decides to close (save) their IDFC First. Your bank will give you a clear way to permanently close your account.

How to Close IDFC First Bank Account

Normally, when someone opens a bank account, they rarely close it and it stays open in the bank for a long time. Today, most banks operate through online platforms, so there is little need to close bank accounts. (You can visit your IDFC FIRST bank branch near you to close your bank account.) IDFC bank account cannot be closed online but he can open IDFC bank account online. The only step you can take to close your IDFC bank account online is to download the IDFC Bank Account Closure Form. Closing a bank account is a simple process, but all steps must be followed correctly. To successfully close your bank account, please complete the account closure form with all the details, including your bank account number.

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How to Close IDFC First Bank Account

How to Close IDFC First Bank Account

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How to close IDFC First bank account?

How to Close Your Bank (Savings) Account Want to know how to close your IDFC Bank Savings account? It sounds tedious, but closing your account is easy. But first you have to follow some steps. See instructions below on how to close your IDFC FIRST Bank Savings account.

  • Still, there are many reasons why bank savings accounts are closed, including low interest rates and poor customer service. A minimum account balance must be maintained at a higher level. Bad relationships with bankers and multiple bank accounts Banks do not provide adequate online services. Financial transaction fee increase If you want to close your account, you may want to know how to close your idfc bank savings account.
  • It sounds complicated, but you can easily close your idfc bank account online. First, follow the proper procedure.

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How to close an Idfc bank account online?

  1. FIRST IDFC Account Closure Form: The first step in closing your IDFC bank account is to obtain the IDFC Bank Account Closure Form. Visit the IDFC Bank website, download it from our site or visit your nearest IDFC Bank branch to obtain the account closure form.
  2. Complete IDFC FIRST Account Closure Form – Fill in all details on the account closure form accurately, including your bank account number. After completing the form, review the information. Log in to the correct location and submit the completed form to your branch manager or IDFC banker.
  3. Please note that all co-owners of the account must sign the account closure form.
  4. Attach your KYC documents to the IDFC account closure form – When using the account closure form, all account holders must attach a copy of their KYC documents, including a copy of their PAN (which acts as proof of identity) and a proof of address. Account holders may also be required to notarize these documents themselves.
  5. Submit balance control sheets and passbook: If the account holder has a balance control sheet or savings passbook, they must return it to the bank. Once submitted, all balances and passbooks will be checked and your account closure request will be processed.
  6. Withdraw/Transfer the balance of your IDFC bank account: The bank will review the submitted documents and, if they are correct, you will be prompted to withdraw the remaining funds from your account. You can withdraw cash, have your bank create a check/DD in your name, or transfer money to another account.
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You can close your IDFC bank account in no time by following the instructions above. Also, after closing a bank account, the bank usually sends an email or SMS to the registered email address and mobile number.

Important points about closing an Idfc bank account (Savings account).

  • Banks generally don’t allow closed accounts to be reopened, so only close an account if you don’t need it in the future. Cancel automatic payment instructions.
  • Make and save a complete or printed copy of the statement from cover to cover for future reference.
  • With this in mind, please follow all closing procedures when closing your bank account.
  • Before closing your account, make sure your bank account has a minimum balance.

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IDFC First Bank Account Closing Form Download PDF

To close your IDFC FIRST Bank account, please use the IDFC Bank Account Closure Form (PDF format). The form contains the information and steps necessary to close your IDFC Bank account. This is a one page form with all the information you need to close your bank account, along with instructions and details on how to complete it. Closing an account requires collecting important customer information such as name, address, bank account number, customer ID, and date of birth. After providing this information, the client must sign the form and attach all relevant attachments and submit it via email, fax or post. nearest branch.

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How to close IDFC Bank FD account?

A time deposit, also known as a time deposit, is a savings account that allows you to deposit a large amount of money over a predetermined period of time and earn interest at the interest rate on the day you open the account. IDFC offers a variety of services. Time deposits are available with various maturities and attractive interest rates. You may be able to withdraw your time deposit before its due date or at maturity without renewing it.

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Steps to Close IDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Account:-

  • Complete the Account Closure Form/Fixed Deposit Closure Form.
  • Attach the KYC document.
  • Please submit your certificate of fixed deposit or FD receipt.


Today’s post is about how to close your IDFC bank account online. We’ve put together all the details you need to know about closing your IDFC bank account (savings account). If you have any questions about a particular point, please post them in the comments section. I will be happy to answer.

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