How to copy text from image, remap keys, and use power run on Windows 10 and Windows 11

How to copy text from an image: Windows 10 and 11 customers who want to duplicate text from images or recordings, remap keys, and find documents and envelopes stored somewhere on the system can do so using Microsoft PowerToys. The latter is a power user oriented software/utility application developed by Windows makers. The application can complete certain system tasks quickly and efficiently. Tragically, Microsoft PowerToys do not come pre-installed on a PC/PC. Read on to learn how to use Microsoft PowerToys to copy text from images, remap keys, and perform power runs on your Windows 10 and 11 laptops.

Copying text from an image can be a useful shortcut, especially if the original text is not available. There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to use optical character recognition (OCR) software. OCR software works by analyzing the image and identifying the characters it contains, which can then be converted into editable text. There are many free OCR tools available online that allow you to upload an image and extract text from it. Once the text is extracted, you can copy and paste it into a document or text editor as needed. It’s important to note that OCR software may not always be 100% accurate, so it’s a good idea to review copied text before using it.

How to copy text from an image

Has it ever happened to you that you are watching a show on YouTube and you need to quickly extract text from the slideshow? Or, on the other hand, let’s say you have a leaked PDF of an obscure book and you need to remove text from a specific part. The new PowerToys Text Extractor tool will make your life easier if you find yourself in a situation like this and have to use Google Lens or Apple’s Live Text feature. In Windows 11, you will be able to quickly extract text from images using just one hotkey. If the image contains text, you will be able to extract it immediately, no matter if it is a screenshot from a video, screenshot, PDF file or other. So, follow our guide below to learn how to extract text from images in Windows 11.

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Copying text from an image might seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. There are a few different methods you can use depending on the type of image and the software you have available. One option is to use optical character recognition (OCR) software, which can scan the image and convert any text into editable digital text. There are many free OCR software programs available online that you can download and use. Another option is to manually transcribe the text by typing it yourself. This may be necessary if the image is of poor quality or has writing that cannot be read by the OCR software. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also use its built-in OCR feature to extract text from images.

How to copy text from an image

How to copy text from an image Overview

How to install Microsoft PowerToys on your laptop/PC?

  • Go to the Microsoft store.
  • If you haven’t already, use your Outlook ID to sign in.
  • Microsoft PowerToys can be located by clicking on the search icon.
  • Make a fuss on the town button near the app to download it to your device.

Unlike other third-party apps or plugins, the app is free and does not require an active internet connection. Most things can be done offline with the Microsoft PowerToys app.

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How to copy text from images or videos on Windows Laptop/PC?

Here’s how you can use the Microsoft PowerToys app on your laptop or desktop to extract text from images, articles, and even videos:

  • On your Windows computer, open the “PowerToys” application.
  • If it’s not enabled by default, select “Text Extractor” from the menu on the left and enable it. List your activation hotkeys below. Of course, the keys are ‘Windows + Shift + T’.
  • Now navigate to the image or video you want to extract the text from and copy it.
  • Enter the keys alternately (Windows + Shift + T) to activate the ability to extract text. When the screen goes dark, you can copy the text you want.
  • Drag the cursor to the text you want to copy by selecting the left mouse key. When you’re done, simply release the mouse button and the screen will return to the way it was before.
  • The selected text of the image or video is copied to your clipboard.
  • Copy and paste it wherever you want, such as a Word file, browser search bar, or notepad.
  • Please note that the text you want to duplicate from images or recordings must be clearly clear, otherwise the app may not duplicate the text correctly with exactly the same words or some may be lost in between.
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How to remap keys on Windows laptop/PC?

Do you need to modify the way you perform specific activities or simple paths in Windows 10 and 11 PC/PC? That’s exactly what the “Keyboard Manager” feature of Microsoft PowerToys does, allowing you to change any standard key or shortcut you want. Let us examine the procedure in detail for the same.

  • On your Windows PC or laptop, open the “PowerToys” app.
  • In the menu on the left, select the “Keyboard Manager” option.
  • Make sure the ‘Empower Console Administrator’ setting is enabled.
  • Select the “Remap a key” option next to remap or modify the output of a single key.
  • Select the “Type” option in the box on the left after clicking the “More” icon.
  • Currently, enter the specific key of the console to which you need to dispatch an activity. For example, what if we distribute the Add key to duplicate any given text? For that, just press ‘Supplement’ in the console.
  • To close the popup window, select “OK”.
  • Now, select the “Type” box on the right and enter the Windows shortcut keys for “Ctrl + C” to copy any desired text. When you’re done, press “okay.”
  • You can now select any text on the screen and copy it by pressing the “Insert” key on the keyboard instead of the standard “Ctrl + C” keys.
  • Microsoft PowerToys allow you to remap any key or shortcut and assign specific actions based on your preferences. All the easy routes you have done will be noted in a summary.
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How to enable PowerToys Run on Windows laptop?

PowerToys Run is like an enhanced version of the universal search bar because it can locate any hidden file or folder on your system in a matter of seconds and perform a variety of tasks like converting time zones or units. Here is how to use PowerToys Run on your Windows laptop because it is a feature of Microsoft PowerToys.

  • On your Windows PC or laptop, open the “PowerToys” app.
  • Select the ‘PowerToys Run’ option from the menu on the left.
  • If PowerToys Run is not enabled by default, enable it by toggling the switch.
  • Now basically follow the easy path of activation, which of course is ‘Alt + Space’. You can transform it as your enjoyment dictates. The PowerToys Run quest can be launched from any screen using this shortcut.
  • Now leave the app and press ‘Alt + Space’ to search for any record, make estimates, convert units and time regions, execute shell commands, open URLs, and much more.
  • You can find an overview of the multitude of activities in the ‘PowerToys’ Run menu and even actually see ways to perform them by exclusively choosing the down bolt key.


On this conclusion, copying text from an image can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it’s easy to do. One of the most popular ways to copy text from an image is to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This software can recognize and convert text in images into editable text that can be used in documents and other applications. There are many OCR software options available online, some of which are free to use. Once you’ve installed your chosen OCR software, simply upload the image containing the text you want to copy and let the software do its magic. With just a few clicks, you’ll have editable text that you can copy and paste wherever you need it. With this simple solution, copying text from images has never been easier!

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