How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Last Seen 2023? Latest Tips & Tricks Full Guide

How to Create a Fake WhatsApp – If you are looking to hide your online presence from people you don’t want to see it, then a fake WhatsApp account is the perfect solution. Not only can you hide your identity, but you can also message people without them knowing that you are using a fake WhatsApp account. In this blog post, we will explore the steps required to set up a fake WhatsApp account and send messages to people using that account. We will also cover the different methods used to create a fake WhatsApp last seen.

So, what are you waiting for? Start hiding your online status today! WhatsApp is now updated with some of the latest new features for its users. Last Seen on WhatsApp is one of the features of WhatsApp in which we need to check anyone last seen on WhatsApp. Many of you already search on Google that ‘How to always show yourself online on WhatsApp’. I already published a content about this.

How to create a fake WhatsApp

In this content, I am going to share a new trick to ‘Create/Display Fake Last Seen Information on WhatsApp’ for all WhatsApp users. You should also hide your WhatsApp last seen, but the main disadvantage is that you will not be able to check another last seen either. So guys, I have decided to share this amazing trick to freeze WhatsApp last seen without hiding it. Let’s take a look.

WhatsApp is now counted as one of the most popular networks with latest features for chatting, video chatting and many more. Many WhatsApp users want to create a fake last seen solution on WhatsApp or want to display a last seen solution on WhatsApp that should always be visible to every person who checks their WhatsApp last seen even if they use WhatsApp every second.

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How to create fake last seen messages on WhatsApp

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About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp comes with several additional features for its users to explore. Feature that is not available in the basic version of the WhatsApp application. One of the important tools of GB WhatsApp is its multiple accounts. Since the user can manage all the accounts in a single app, it will be very useful for people who use multiple accounts. This feature is a major reason why they are popular in the market along with other features.

Another cool feature of GBWA is that users are required to get themes created by other users of this app; you can get them for free. Unlike the original version, this app is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and English. The other important feature of GB WhatsApp is its privacy option. In this modified version, the user will be able to choose their personal privacy. it will give the user full control over the application, and the user must decide if its capability is visible or not.

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How to freeze last seen on WhatsApp

To address this last seen issue, here are 6 quick steps for a WhatsApp user to create a fake WhatsApp last seen and fool their contacts. Well, you should also see the origin of your contact by following these steps. However, this only applies to Android devices. Hackers give away malware-laden USB sticks: how to stay safe? Hackers send USB sticks with malware as gifts. Even last seen before starting the networking process, backing up all chats is integral. Here how to create a backup of your chats. Open WhatsApp > Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Conversation Backup. The process should take a few seconds.

Steps to create fake WhatsApp last seen

  1. Download and install the GB WhatsApp + APK application on your smartphone.
  2. GB WhatsApp + APK is a modified version of WhatsApp and you have to replace the existing original version of WhatsApp to freeze it for the last time.
  3. After installing the app, open the GB WhatsApp + APK app icon and click on the menu.
  4. You will see a long list of options on the screen of your mobile device; first select the Privacy tab.
  5. Under Privacy, select the Hide online status option.
  6. When you click on the Hide online status option, the revised version of WhatsApp will record that time and this timestamp will appear in all your contacts as your last visit.
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GB WhatsApp + APK: At a Glance

Installing the GB WhatsApp + APK app on your smartphone device not only allows you to fake your latest look but also allows you to perform other options. The features of this app included Blue Ticks, Second Tick, Writing Status, Record and Blue Micro Phone with which the user has to personalize his life without any hassle.


This is the easy and 100% functional method that I share with you. You don’t have to worry about this method working on your smartphone or not. So don’t waste time looking for an alternative method to create fake last seen and try the above steps. This is our content today in ‘How to create a fake WhatsApp last seen‘. I hope you learned something new today with this content.

It’s an amazing hack that works well without any problem. I also use this method to prank my friends and trick them by creating a fake last seen on WhatsApp. It will only take 5-10 minutes to freeze whatsapp last seen. If still, you are facing any issue while trying the steps to create Fake Last Seen on WhatsApp then feel free to comment below. I will do my best to solve your problem.

Frequent questions

What should I do if someone finds out that I am using a fake Facebook or WhatsApp account?

If you are using a fake Facebook or WhatsApp account for personal reasons, you can simply change it back after the conversation is over. However, if you use a fake account for business purposes like SEO, you may need to take more drastic measures. The best way to handle this situation is to be honest and explain it to your friend. Often they will understand and you will be able to get through the situation with minimal damage.

Is it safe to delete my WhatsApp account permanently?

Although deleting your WhatsApp account permanently is not a good idea, it’s worth noting that it’s actually not impossible. In fact, if you’re concerned about data breaches and security risks, deleting your account may not be the best option for you. Since deleting your account will remove all traces of it (including messages, images, contacts, status updates, and all other data), friends and family with the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account can still access your messages. If you decide to delete your account, be sure to back up all your messages first just in case.

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Can I use a fake phone number for my WhatsApp profile?

Yes, you can use any phone number for your WhatsApp profile, as long as it is added to your account settings. To do this, simply open your WhatsApp profile and go to the account settings tab. Add the number in question to the list of phone numbers you can use and start messaging people. Be sure to be careful when using a fake phone number, as not all users are aware of this feature and may reply to a message without knowing that it is not actually you. Always be careful when talking to new people online, and if something doesn’t work, feel free to delete the conversation or block the person entirely.

How do I create a fake WhatsApp last seen?

Creating a fake WhatsApp last seen is easy if you know what you are doing. Here is a step by step guide to get started: 1. First, you need to get access to a WhatsApp account that is not linked to your real account. This can be done by logging into the app on a different device or by using an internet browser plugin. 2. Once you have the fake account, create a new profile and add contacts from your real WhatsApp account. 3. Choose ‘Last Seen’ as the time period you want to be remembered for. You can also add a message or photo to your profile. 4. Click the “Last Seen” link to view your profile and see how it looks compared to your actual WhatsApp profile.

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