How to delete a page in Word in 3 easy steps

Blank pages in a document can come across as unprofessional to an editor or potential employer. Microsoft Word is known to create blank pages in documents, so you should make sure to remove them if possible. Fortunately, we can show you how to delete pages in Word in just a few steps. If you also need to delete pages containing text and graphics, our guide includes instructions for that, too.


  • How to delete pages in Word
  • How to delete blank pages in Word

How to delete pages in Word

Step 1: Select the page you want to delete. Scroll to the page or use the Go to function (Ctrl+G In Windows, Options + command management system + G in macOS).

Once you find the page, click or tap anywhere on the page to select it.

Step 2: Select the entire page, not just parts of it.


Step 3: Delete the page.Double check that you have selected the entire page you want to delete and press delete key.

How to delete blank pages in Word

Step 1: To find a blank page, open the Navigation Pane.You can do this by selecting view from the top menu and make sure Navigation pane The box is checked. This should open a new column on the left showing all the pages in the document.If not, make sure to select Number of pages Tab.

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Step 2: Scroll through the list to find the blank page you want to delete. Select one and double-click or select it to jump directly to it.

Step 3: Press and hold control keys + transfer + 8 On Windows or Order + 8 If you are using a Mac make the paragraph marks visible.

Step 4: Select the paragraph mark by clicking and dragging, or using the arrow keys and holding transfer key.You can remove paragraph marks by pressing delete key, but this will also close the blank page completely.

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