How to download music from YouTube

Downloading music from YouTube is a fairly common practice, and the need to simplify the process has inspired the creation of countless websites and software.

But not all services can be considered safe. In fact, some of these services may infect your computer with malware or produce poor-quality audio files. When downloading music from YouTube, you need to first make sure that the website or application used to download the music will not harm your device. For this guide, our team found two ways to make the process safer and easier.


  • YouTube’s own way: sign up for a YouTube Music Premium subscription
  • Desktop Method: 4K YouTube to MP3
  • Instructions on Online YouTube Converter Sites

We really need to start with this warning: scraping audio from YouTube is against the streaming video site’s terms of use, and it could get you in trouble. There are various ways to enjoy YouTube’s music without violating its terms of use, such as through Google’s YouTube Music service – so we recommend that you consider trying legal options first.

If you choose to download software to rip audio, be sure to have your antivirus service of choice scan the software for threats before installing or using it.

YouTube’s own way: sign up for a YouTube Music Premium subscription

Before we discuss third-party options for downloading music from YouTube, you should know that YouTube already allows users who subscribe to YouTube Music Premium to download music. Downloading music on YouTube through the platform’s YouTube Music Premium subscription is basically the safest option – both from a legal standpoint and from a computer security standpoint. It’s also the most expensive option. But for the reasons above, we recommend this option for most people.

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If you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, here’s how to download music from YouTube:

As far as we can tell, this method only works on Android or iOS mobile devices: Open the YouTube Music app, then navigate to the song you want to download.then choose three o’clock menu icon > download (should have down arrow icon).

Desktop Method: 4K YouTube to MP3

While you may not want to download another app, using an installed video converter app is often safer and more reliable than other third-party options when it comes to extracting audio from YouTube videos. Most YouTube ripping sites (even those that seem safe at first) can end up falling victim to hackers and malware, so it’s best to have dedicated software on your desktop for your audio ripping needs.

Even if you download software, you should always be careful before installing it, making sure to scan it with trustworthy antivirus software (if you don’t have one, you can check out our list of the best free antivirus software).

But downloading and installing new apps doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the painless installation and user-friendliness of the 4K YouTube to MP3 application rivals most online YouTube converter services. It also works on several operating systems, including Windows, MacOS (10.13 and later), and Ubuntu. 4K YouTube to MP3 is also free to download and use. You can also upgrade to the premium version, which includes features like unlimited tracks per playlist and no ads. But the free version should be enough for most people.

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Step 1: Navigate to the 4K YouTube to MP3 website and click on the 4K YouTube to MP3 title, choose blue download The button that corresponds to your computer’s operating system.

Screenshot/Digital Trends

Step 2: Once the installer is downloaded, run it and follow the on-screen prompts to install 4K YouTube to MP3.


Step 3: Navigate to the YouTube video that contains the audio you want to rip.

The Copy Video URL menu option on the YouTube desktop site.
Screenshot/Digital Trends

Step 4: Highlight the URL in your browser’s address bar and copy it to your clipboard.You can also right click on the video itself and select copy video url from the menu that pops up.

Step 5: After copying the video link to your clipboard, all you have to do is select the blue button to paste the link into the app paste link button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select the

Step 6: Immediately after that, the application starts grabbing the audio. To give you an idea of ​​how quickly the application can create MP3 files, it took less than a few minutes to process a 10-minute YouTube video.

Step 7: Once the MP3 file is created, the application will automatically save it to your PC. To find a music file, all you have to do is hover over the track name displayed in the middle of the app.

then a show in folder The icon will appear. The icon resembles a folder. Select it, and you’ll be directed to a File Explorer window displaying your new MP3. You now have a file in MP3 format for offline listening, background music, or whatever you like.

Select the

Instructions on Online YouTube Converter Sites

In the past, we’ve recommended some websites that you can use to download audio from YouTube videos. These sites tend to be safe to start with, but over time malware becomes infested. Therefore, as of the time of writing, we are currently unable to give you safe advice. We recently tested some of these sites and they either failed to load at all or were flagged as unsafe by our antivirus software. Another problem is that these sites also tend to come with annoying pop-ups.

For these reasons, considering the risks and the fact that you already have two safer options: YouTube Music Premium and the 4K YouTube to MP3 desktop app, we don’t think it’s worth using these online YouTube converter sites.

If you want to watch YouTube videos offline without an internet connection, we also recommend reading our handy guide on how to download YouTube videos.

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