How to fast travel in Starfield

Part of the appeal of a game like this starry sky All planets and environments are being explored. As advertised, there are hundreds of planets you can choose to visit, and each one is massive. Once you’ve arrived somewhere, or have been a few hundred meters away from your boat, you may just want to get back quickly and avoid a long trek.This is a simple option that you can access almost immediately, but it’s easy to forget or get confused, so here’s a quick overview on how to fast travel starry sky.

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Fast travel becomes an option as soon as the game starts, where you create your character and learn to pilot a spaceship. Once you land on a planet, you are free to quickly return to your ship or any previously discovered location on that planet.

Step One: On the planet, there are two ways to fast travel.The first is to open the scanner with the following command f key.

Step 2: Look for the icon on the HUD for your ship or the location you want to fast travel to.

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Step 3: Press Second Start fast travel there.

Step 4: The second method is to use medium size key.

Step 5: Select the place you want to go and press Second travel there.

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