How to find your printer IP address and WPS PIN

Sometimes you need the printer’s IP address or WPS PIN to set it up and manage it. This information helps with Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you own an HP, Epson, Canon or Brother printer, we’ll show you how to find the IP address and WPS PIN so you can troubleshoot any wireless network issues.


  • How to Find Your Printer’s IP Address on Windows
  • How to Find Your Printer’s IP Address on Mac
  • Find your printer’s IP address from the mobile app
  • Find the IP address on the printer display
  • How to Find Your Printer’s WPS PIN
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Even with the best printer you’ve purchased, this information can be buried deep in the menu settings.

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An IP address is a set of four numbers separated by periods that allows wireless access to the printer’s settings and information through a web browser. A WPS PIN (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is an eight-digit number that allows you to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi network without a password.

There is more than one way to find a printer’s network details, even for printers from the same manufacturer. We’ll cover the best places to check and what to look for to find the information you need.

How to Find Your Printer’s IP Address on Windows

You can easily obtain your printer’s IP address on your Windows PC if you know where to look. This information is buried deep in Settings.

Step 1: Press Windows-I Key combination opens set up.choose Bluetooth and devices tab, then Printers and scanners.

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Step 2: Select Device Information inside More information section displays detailed information about the printer.View links marked as clickable Web page. If you see something like an IP number, make a note of that number. For example, “” is an IP address. Printer IP addresses usually start with “192.168.2” but sometimes vary.

Screenshot of Windows settings showing how to view the printer's IP address.
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Step 3: If Web page If it looks different, click the link to open the printer’s server page in your web browser. Find the printer’s IP address in the Network section of the printer settings. You may need to log in and browse a bit to find the correct subsection.

The IP address might appear on the printer's web server.
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How to Find Your Printer’s IP Address on Mac

On a Mac, you can find printer details in System Settings.

Step 1: Open the Apple menu and select System settingsthen scroll down and select Printers and scanners from the sidebar.

How to find macOS Ventura printer settings.
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Step 2: Select the printer you want from the list and then select Options and Supplies See more details.

Screenshot of macOS settings, showing the printer's options buttons.
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Step 3: If you don’t see your printer IP addresschoose Show printer web page.

Screenshot of macOS settings showing the printer's web button.
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Step 4: A new tab will open in Safari and you can browse to the printer’s web server to find network and IP address.

An example of a printer web page in Safari, showing the printer's Network tab and IP address.
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Find your printer’s IP address from the mobile app

Most printer manufacturers provide printer details in mobile apps.

Step 1: Open the app, click on the printer you want, and select printer information or network Or browse connected printers to view more data.

Three screenshots provide examples of finding IP addresses in the Brother mobile app.
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Step 2: Browse this information and find the printer’s IP address.may be marked as IP address Or you might see a set of four numbers, such as “”, that you need to write down.

Three screenshots provide examples of finding IP addresses in the HP mobile app.
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Find the IP address on the printer display

You can find the IP address in the network settings of the printer menu system. Navigating the small screen is awkward at times, but you can find this data with patience and determination.

Step 1: Scroll through the options in the printer’s menu system.Find similar options network, connectivity, wireless, web service, Wifior Wireless LAN part.

Finger points to printer's connection menu settings.
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Step 2: Somewhere in these settings you will find TCP/IP Part or group of four number markers intellectual property or IP address. For example, “” is an IP address.

The printer's IP address is displayed in the menu settings.
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How to Find Your Printer’s WPS PIN

The WPS PIN used to connect to the printer is usually in the same settings section as the IP address. See the section above about finding the IP address on the printer display. The same tips will help you find your WPS PIN.

Use your finger to navigate the printer's menu to find the WPS PIN settings.
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If you can’t find your printer’s IP address or WPS PIN, double-check whether you have a wireless printer. You can check the manual or search on the internet using the model number. Some printers require a direct connection to a computer or router via an Ethernet or USB cable.

Even if your printer has a Wi-Fi connection, it may not support WPS. Some printers have a WPS button. Check the manual or try searching on the Internet to learn about your printer’s specific wireless features.

Our printer troubleshooting guide may help you resolve your issue.

WPS danger

Contrary to its name, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is less secure than standard password-protected Wi-Fi. An eight-digit PIN is easier for hackers to crack than a Wi-Fi password, which can be longer and use letters, numbers and symbols.

If you have the option to connect via Wi-Fi, use Wi-Fi instead of WPS. Security experts recommend disabling WPS on your router if it’s not needed.

Using your IP address, you can access printer settings, check ink or toner levels, and update firmware in a Web browser.

WPS is less valuable and is somewhat of a relic of older Wi-Fi technology. If your printer has a WPS button to simplify the connection, this may be more convenient than a password. However, mobile apps using your phone and printer are often simpler. WPS PIN is not secure and it is best to avoid using this connection method if possible.

If after reading this guide you still cannot find the network information you need, contact your printer manufacturer for assistance.

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