How to fix the Google Home ‘Auth check failure on device’ error

Google Home is relatively easy to use, but you’ll often run into frustrating bugs that thwart your attempts to interact with your smart home. One of those issues is the dreaded “Device verification check failed” error that prevents you from adding a shared Google Assistant device. This is a frustrating problem, but easily solved.

Here’s a quick look at how to fix the “Authentication failed on the device” error on Google Home.

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How to fix “Authentication check failed” error

The “Authentication check failed” error occurs when you are not a member of the network you are trying to connect to. This means you need to ask members of your Google Home network to add you to the group. Thankfully, the process of sending an invitation, accepting it, and adding your gadget to your smart home network shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Step 1: First, ask a member of the Google Home network to send you an invitation to join.

Step 2: To do this, ask them to open the Google Home app and select the home page they want to add you to.


Step 3: Next, choose settings.From there, click Add family membership.

Step 4: Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and select Next.

Step 5: Press Confirm Selection Next again, then send.

Step 6: Once the invitation is sent, you can go into the Google Home app and check your inbox.

Step 7: You should see an invitation to join the new network.

Step 8: Choose Next Join the network.

Step 9: Choose agreeand then create a name for the new Google Home network.

Step 10: Once completed, you should now be able to avoid the “Verification check failed on the device” error.

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