How to identify fake PAN card : Follow these simple steps 2023?

How to spot a fake PAN card: If you want to buy property in India, you will need a PAN card. But what happens if you receive a fake pan card? In this blog, we’ll teach you how to spot a fake pan card and what to do if you receive one. Following these simple steps will help you verify the authenticity of the card. So, stay safe and don’t fall for fake pan card scams!

If you are opening an account for the first time, you will also need a PAN card. Recently, there have been many cases of fraud claiming to be a PAN card. With the increase in fraud cases involving fake PAN cards, the Department of Income Tax began inserting its QR code on PAN cards. In recent years, the speed of digitization has accelerated rapidly in India and across the world. However, fraud related to digital documents is also increasing in the country. The PAN card is an indispensable document in our daily life.

How to identify a fake PAN card?

It is used in all financial transactions of governmental and non-governmental organizations. PAN cards are used in banks, schools, universities, offices, etc. Required for income tax declaration. If you are opening an account for the first time, you will also need a PAN card. Recently, there have been many cases of fraud claiming to be a PAN card. Faced with the increase in fraud with false PAN cards, the Income Tax Department began to implement its QR code.

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding the use of PAN cards, and especially fake ones. To help you easily identify fake cards, follow these simple steps. First, familiarize yourself with the different types of PAN cards. Next, look for inconsistencies or inaccuracies on the card. If you find any of these, it is most likely a fake card and should be avoided. Finally, there are several ways to identify a fake card: by comparing the photo on the card with the real card, by checking the card’s date of birth, or by checking the card’s security code. So make sure you know the signs to avoid getting scammed.

How to identify a fake PAN card

How to identify fake Pan card details

How to identify a fake Pan card?

It is common practice for people to carry their PAN card with them. However, it is important to be aware of the dangers of doing so. Always make sure to verify the authenticity of your PAN card before using it. Also, be on the lookout for anyone attempting to use your pan card for an unauthorized transaction. If you notice any discrepancies, immediately contact the proper authorities. By following these simple steps, you can easily protect yourself and your PAN card from the dangers of fake PAN cards.

Pursuant to the Government of India Income Tax Act, 1961, in order to effectively control erosion and tax evasion in various high net worth transactions, the Government of India requires all persons required to assess and report income tax hold a PAN card. obliged. return. There is a special system for the design of PAN cards and for different types of authorizations there are different codes assigned by the authorities. Therefore, it is easier to identify the original bread card number and the fake bread card number.

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What is Enhanced QR Code Reader for PAN Card?

Enhanced QR Code Reader for PAN Cards is an application developed under the direction of NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure (NSDL eGov) to read PAN card information using the new QR code function. Recently issued PAN cards have a QR code on the front. According to NSDL, the app reads the extended QR code printed on the PAN card. It is used to verify information on the PAN map.

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How does it work?

You do not need to create an account to use the app. The software uses the phone’s camera to read your QR code, display the information it contains, and compare it with the PAN cardholder’s information. You must agree not to share or misuse any information obtained after the app reads the QR code.

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How to be sure of the originality of a PAN card?

A code can be the best source of information to verify the originality of a PAN card. Now the government is starting to print the date of issuance of the card in the upper right corner. There are also many websites where you can check your PAN card number and compare it with the data provided. By law, it is a crime to have more than one PAN card number, so counterfeit PAN cards are also severely punished. Click here to learn how to verify your Pan card.

How to identify a fake PAN card

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Importance of a panorama card

The PAN card is very important as it is recognized by the government as a valid proof of identity. There are many transactions that require the provision of a PAN number for the government to verify the validity of these transactions, and those who avoid paying taxes can benefit the state. Some transactions are required to provide a PAN number, requiring affected banks to submit the same transaction details to the government for further action.

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To avoid falling victim to fake pan cards, it’s important to be familiar with the different signs that a pan card may be fake. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog, you will be able to easily identify a fake pan card. Be sure to watch out for these tell-tale signs and avoid major financial transactions until you’ve verified the card’s authenticity.

Frequent questions

What are the signs that a PAN card might be fake?

A fake PAN card and an original one are differentiated by the QR code on the card. The Income Tax Department has created an app that does it all. The PAN card is genuine if the details match, but you may have been scammed if they don’t.

How can I check if my PAN is being misused?

You can check your credit score to see if someone is abusing your PAN card. You will need to verify your CIBIL score by visiting one of the credit bureau websites.

How do banks verify the PAN?

All people and entities, such as companies, agents, banks and others, can verify if their PAN data is valid or not thanks to the complete database of the income tax department of all taxpayers and PAN card holders. Everyone else can determine whether the PAN card is genuine or not with this tool.

How can I identify a person from the PAN number?

Fill in the data that is not yours in Challan No. 280 and then fill in your real name. Once you have completed all the necessary information, click Submit to receive the name of the PAN holder exactly as it appears on their tax returns. `

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