How to Jack Up a Car 2023 Step-By-Step Full Guides

How to Jack Up a Car Jacking up is required for a wide range of automotive tasks, including changing a flat tire or replacing brake pads. This will require the use of a jack unless you have access to a full size hydraulic lift, such as you can find at a machine shop. Although jacks are generally easy to use, safety precautions must be taken when working under the vehicle. Fortunately, this only requires following a few basic guidelines.

When you’re driving down the road and you hear that thumpa-thumpa-thumpa sound, you know one of your tires is flat. If you are not lucky enough to have access to roadside assistance for your vehicle, this indicates that you will soon be changing it yourself. Don’t worry if you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about using a jack, which a lot of people do! If you just watch these three videos and follow these six easy steps, you’ll be able to get your car airborne fast without hurting it or, more importantly, hurting yourself.

How to lift a car with a jack

It is very likely that you will need to raise your vehicle at some point if you have mechanical problems. However, jacking up a vehicle is difficult and requires extreme caution due to the heavy loads involved. The best way to determine which jack is right for your needs is to study the specifications of the car you are trying to lift. You will need to know the height of the jack, the weight of the car, and the type of jack you are using. Also, you’ll want to make sure the jack you choose is compatible with the type of car you’ll be using it on. For example, a portable jack designed for use with lift kits may not be suitable for use in a car that does not have a lift kit installed.

If you’ve never done it before, even the simplest tasks like changing a tire or lifting a part of your vehicle a few inches off the ground can seem daunting. On the other hand, finding the right lifting points is one of the most crucial aspects when lifting a vehicle. For some drivers these key areas may seem straightforward, but for others it can be difficult to determine where to start.

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How to lift a car with a jack 2023

How to lift the details of a car

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How to Jack Up a Car Complete Step by Step Guides

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to jack up a car, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you instructions on how to properly perform each step of the jacking process, from securing the car to jacking up. By following these simple instructions, you will be able to jack up your car quickly and easily without any problems.

To get started, make sure the car is properly secured by putting it in a safe place and locking all the doors. Next, locate the jack and place it over the wheel hub. Make sure the jack is securely attached to the car by tightening the bolts or clamps. Finally, use the lever to raise the jack until it is positioned above the wheel hub. Once in position, slowly lower the jack until it is firmly attached to the car. Be sure to keep your hands and feet away from the moving parts of the jack while performing these steps, as injury could result if you are not careful.

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Find a safe place to stop

As far away from traffic as possible, pull off the road. Take the exit if you are on and near a freeway. The goal is to pull completely off the road and onto solid, level ground, such as a parking lot, where a car jack can be safely used. If that doesn’t work, you should go to a road or street with as little traffic as possible. There, you should be able to move to the side, away from traffic, and find a spot that is stable enough to hold a jack. If you’re on a highway and can’t get out, you simply need to find the safest place possible; With a flat tire, you can’t drive miles without ruining it and possibly damaging your vehicle.

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In that case, pull over to the right shoulder as far from the road as possible. To make sure the jack doesn’t sink into the ground instead of raising the car, make sure you’re standing on a solid, level surface. The jack can also lean to one side when raising the car on a soft surface, which could cause the car to fall over.

insure your vehicle

Make sure the parking brake is on, the engine is off, and the vehicle is parked. Place anything that can be used to block a tire, such as a large rock, brick, or piece of wood, under the tire on the opposite corner of the car from the one you are going to jack up (for example, block the left rear tire if is raising the right front). This provides additional security that the car will not fall off the jack. It’s a good idea to let passengers out of the car if you have them, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

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Locate jack and lifting points

The jack is typically stored under the cargo floor cover in the back of an SUV or in the trunk of most cars. The next step is to locate the jacking points on the car body. What are the places where the cat gets hooked? Most vehicles have reinforced metal ribs at their jacking points that are designed to safely lift the vehicle. Most cars have four jacking points. They are located just in front of the rear wheels and below the side skirts of the vehicle. Just behind the front wheels. Our Car and Driver technician points out the right front jacking point on the Hyundai Sonata sedan in the video above. Consult your owner’s manual to verify your vehicle’s jack point locations.

place the cat

The coupling flange of most car jacks has a slot at the top that slides over the reinforced rib on the jack point. However, your vehicle may have a different configuration. So check your owner’s manual to make sure you know exactly how your jack works with the lifting point. In the video above, our technician must first lower the jack so that it fits under the vehicle before raising it.

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jack up the car

The flat tire can be raised off the ground by slowly turning the jack handle clockwise. As the jack lifts the car, take your time and make sure it stays in the same position straight up and down. The jack must not be tilted because doing so will make it impossible to secure the vehicle. Place a jack stand under the rocker panel near the jack and secure it to the car body if you are jacking the vehicle up for work, or changing the oil. In the event that the jack slips or fails completely. This will ensure that the car does not fall on you.

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get off the car

When you are ready to lower the vehicle, slowly rotate the jack handle the other way (counterclockwise) until the vehicle’s tire is firmly pressed against the ground and the jack can be removed. Once you’ve secured the jack and returned it to its storage location, you’re good to go. But before you start the engine, make sure that whatever you use to block a tire is gone. Otherwise, when you try to drive away, the parking brake might appear to be stuck.


If you want to work on your car at home, you should use a sturdier floor jack. Like the one with the long pump handle (pictured above). Because it is much more resistant and stable than a car jack. This is the type of jack that is used in repair shops and car racing pits. Below you can see a floor jack without its handle and a jack stand in its proper position.

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