How to Join a WhatsApp Group Without Admin Permission 2023?

How to join a WhatsApp group: Have you ever encountered an admin rights issue that prevented you from adding someone to a WhatsApp group? Currently, WhatsApp offers a feature that allows this. The update is available to users of the beta app running version 2.16.281 on iOS and Android. In particular, several issues have been fixed in the most recent beta version.

You must first give someone a link to a public group invite in order to add them as a participant using this feature. For the past few months, there have been rumors that WhatsApp will add the ability to share links with other users to invite them to a group.

How to join a WhatsApp group

The WhatsApp instant messaging service needs no introduction. The app has completely changed the way we communicate by making it simple to connect with our friends, family, and business partners through one-on-one chat and organized groups known as WhatsApp Groups. A member with the title of administrator oversees these groups and has access to all the privileges and capabilities a group could want. This step-by-step tutorial on how to become a WhatsApp group admin without being added will help you get much-needed superpowers if you are one of the many people who crave WhatsApp group powers.

What you probably think of when becoming an admin is finding the weakest links in your admin, overriding them Heist-style. But this seems impractical and too long a procedure involving planning and execution, which can sometimes backfire and earn you a badge of treason: expulsion from the group.

Simple steps to join a WhatsApp group

How to join a WhatsApp group Details

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Easy steps to join a WhatsApp group without administrator permission

WhatsApp Nowadays, people create groups on WhatsApp to connect with their friends online, which makes groups more frequent. Whatsapp groups are developed for a variety of goals other than friendship, including education, business, spirituality, and others. How to join a WhatsApp group easily The administrator is the one who establishes the group; this person will add members to the group. However, most of the WhatsApp users are interested in learning how to join groups without admin authorization.

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Step 1. Install the update

You need to update your WhatsApp Beta version to get the new feature.

Step 2. Send invitation to the participant

To invite a participant to the group, you will receive an invite link that you need to send to the selected contact.

Step 3. Press Join group

Once the invite link is sent to the participant, the contact will receive a notification saying, “Do you want to join group ‘ABC’? This group is created by XYZ and has BCD participants. Along with the message, you will find an option called Join the group, click on that.

Step 4. Verify the link

As soon as you click on the link, the verification will start automatically. Once successfully verified, you will finally become a group participant.

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How to create an invitation link to a WhatsApp group?

Only the group administrator can create an invite link that will allow other users to join. Until the group admin shares this link with other group members, they won’t be able to access it. Creating WhatsApp Group Links Just follow the simple instructions below to create a WhatsApp group invite link:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp group -> Tap on the group subject, here just scroll down and you will get the list of participants with two more options: ‘Add participants’ and ‘Invite via link’.

Step 2: Tap on “Invite via Link” and on the next screen there will be “Join Link” for your WhatsApp group. Now you have to share this link with anyone to join.

To share the link, you will get a direct sharing option from this screen “send link via WhatsApp” or you can also use “Copy link” and “Share link” options. In case you want to cancel/revoke this link, just tap on the ‘Revoke Link’ option. The old invite link will no longer work. You can again create a new invite link for the same WhatsApp group.

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What is WhatsApp group?

WhatsApp has become a popular way now, people create a group on WhatsApp to chat with their friends on the Internet. In addition to a friend, various WhatsApp have been developed for educational, commercial, spiritual and other purposes.

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Join any Whatsapp group through the group link

Apart from the group administrator joining manually, there are several ways to join a Whatsapp group. One of them is to sign up by clicking the group link. It allows you to easily add a significant number of members to any WhatsApp group. This method can be used to add people by any member, be it an administrator or a normal user. The following activities can help you educate your helper on how to do this:

  • Open your WhatsApp app and tap on the group chat you want to add participants to.
  • Select the three dots or options in the upper right corner.
  • Next, tap on Group Information among the options displayed
  • After that, tap on the Invite group via link option.
  • Lastly, share the link with the people you want to add to the group.

When your friend shares this link with you, you can easily join the group right away. Also, if by chance you already had the link to the group somehow, you can use that as well. It remains the same and can be used at any time.

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Rejoin WhatsApp group without admin permission

The most popular instant messaging application on the social networking platform With the new functionality that WhatsApp has created, no one will be able to add you to a group without your consent. By using WhatsApp groups, you can stay in touch with loved ones, friends, and even co-workers. However, many people frequently abuse this facility to recruit many others into the group in order to market goods or services.

Follow WhatsApp without administrator permission

If you are the only administrator, you must designate an administrator for the team before you sign out, or you can add another administrator account. You can ask any member of the group to provide you with a link to the group call so that you can rejoin the conversation. If you have a group invite and want to join without admin consent, you can create a new account and do so by clicking the invite link.

Join using WhatsApp Beta

Downloading the beta version of WhatsApp on your phone is an additional option. Then a team member should give you a link. Check the URL by clicking the Add link after that. By following these steps, you will be able to join a WhatsApp group without administrative rights. Without an application, you can enter.

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Admin removed from WhatsApp group Ask other admins

After the admin removes you from the group, reach out to other admins (if any) and ask them.

Step 1: Just open the information of the group, that is, the participants.

Step 2: Get the administrator details i.e. contact information.

Step 3: Click on WhatsApp and ask one of them to help you with the group.

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How to become administrator again?

If you were the group admin before you left, another group member will be given immediate control of the position. You can recover your admin status in only one way. After being assigned to the group, the existing administrator is the only one who has the authority to reassign it as an administrator.


In conclusion, you will be able to stop worrying, regardless of the cause. You can try to rejoin any WhatsApp group using various methods. That too, without the help or consent of the administrator. In this post, we learned that many strategies require the invite link for the group. Therefore, it is also a good idea to keep the invitation URL on your device for future use.

Frequent questions

how to join a whatsapp group with a number

Joining a WhatsApp group is very easy since the person who must invite us must first look for the invitation link within the WhatsApp group. The link should then be sent and the person should open it and select join group. Finally, the application will open automatically adding the person to the WhatsApp group.

How do you add a number in WhatsApp without adding contacts?

Visit the address Note: Add the registered WhatsApp mobile number you want to chat with in the phone number field in this format You also need to add the country code, which for India is 91.

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