How to lockpick in Starfield

Every one of Bethesda’s large open worlds is designed to be a playground for players to explore, and none is more ambitious than the world in Bethesda. starry sky. However, that doesn’t mean you can go anywhere, anywhere — at least not without breaking in. Locked doors and terminals are over, so thorough players will no doubt want to invest in lockpicking skills to ensure they can get all the best loot.Even if it has the ability to try to open the lock, the system starry sky The use is unlike anything Bethesda has done before. Here’s how lock picking actually works.

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How to pick a lock

Once you find a lock and own at least one Digipick, that is starry skyEquivalent to a lock pick, you can try to crack it.

Step 1: Interact with the lock and enter the lock unlocking interface.

Step 2: Depending on the difficulty of the lock, you’ll see a ring with slices on the left and various combinations of points in the ring on the right.


Step 3: You’ll need to use the points provided to completely fill the ring on the left by figuring out which combination will fit perfectly without leaving a pattern that doesn’t quite fit.

Ring lock picking game in Starfield.
Bethesda Softworks

Step 4: You can and need to switch the mode you are using, because the lock has multiple layers, so some modes will not work on the first layer, but will work on later modes.

Step 5: After all layers are fully unlocked, the lock will be cracked.

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