How to Notarize a Car Title 2023 Full Guides

Notarize a car title: You may need to notarize the buyer’s or seller’s signature when buying or selling a car. You should do some research ahead of time because the specific requirements vary greatly from state to state. The explanation that follows includes examples of real states to give an idea of ​​what to expect. If you own a vehicle, you need to make sure you have the title. You will be able to prove that you are the owner of the car in this way. You may also need to have the document notarized simultaneously. What steps must you follow to notarize the title of your vehicle?

If you are curious about how to notarize a car title, be sure to contact a professional notary by following the steps below. To notarize a car title, you must visit a local notary public who is authorized to perform this service. Typically, you will need to submit the vehicle identification number, make, model, year, and any other pertinent information about the vehicle. The notary will then review the information provided and will usually take some time to verify it before signing and sealing the document with his signature and stamp. This process is similar to taking an oath in court or witnessing someone sign in an office. In most cases, notarizing a car title is completely free.

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How to notarize a car title

For a transaction involving the purchase or sale of a vehicle to be considered legal, certain documents, such as the vehicle title and bill of sale, must be notarized. Online remote notarization is beneficial to all parties involved, regardless of whether you are buying or selling directly from the seller or through a dealer. Many processes, such as notarizing a car title or bill of sale, are becoming faster and more efficient as online notarization becomes legal in more states.

Notarizing a car title is a legal process in which a notary public (a person authorized to administer oaths and witness signatures) places their signature and seal on a document, usually in the form of an affidavit. This seal serves as proof that the notarized document was drawn up by a notary and is therefore trustworthy. Notarizing a car title can be helpful if you are buying or selling a vehicle, as it will provide official documentation confirming ownership of the vehicle. It can also be useful for insurance purposes or any other legal purpose that requires official documentation.

How to notarize a car title 2023

How to Notarize Car Title Details

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How to Notarize a Car Title Complete Guides

There are many important documents to obtain when buying a new car. The vehicle title is one of the most important documents. A legal document that proves that you are the rightful owner of your vehicle is the vehicle title. You have invested a lot of money in your car and you don’t want to lose it. Therefore, you will need to present the title of the vehicle in case of ambiguity regarding title. You should make sure you have the title to your new vehicle before you leave anywhere with it. This way, everyone will know that you are the owner of the car.

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Why have a car title or bill of sale notarized online?

A notarized bill of sale or a vehicle title deed is absolutely necessary for its validity. Unfortunately, to get notarized “the old fashioned way,” all parties need to be in the same room, which requires some coordination and waiting. Fortunately, using Notary Live for remote online notarization results in a more convenient, effective, and even more secure process, making it easier for everyone to buy or sell a car.

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Using video call technology, Notary Live makes it easy to connect instantly with a remote online notary. All of your requirements for remote online notarization can be fulfilled by our live notaries, who are available 24 hours a day via smartphone, computer, or other compatible device. People who live in rural areas, smaller cities, or who require notarization outside of regular business hours may find this particularly useful. As the saying goes, “availability is the best capability” and being available 24 hours a day is second to none.


You can get back to whatever you need to do, whether it’s buying a car, selling it as a dealer, or selling it by owner, eliminating the requirement for all parties to be in the same room. This allows all parties to complete their part of the notarization much faster. Compared to finding a nearby notary, making an appointment, traveling to the notary, and waiting, our online remote notarization process takes much less time. In addition, it is much easier and less expensive than hiring a mobile (or traveling) notary.

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In addition to being more convenient, notarizing online is actually safer than going to a notary public. Remote online notaries, unlike traditional notaries, provide their notary services online through a computer or mobile device with audio or video. This means that these sessions are recorded in the event of a dispute where the transaction needs to be verified. In addition, NotaryLive employs security measures in addition to those used by most face-to-face notaries to confirm the identity of each signatory. As a result, fraud, forgery, and coercion are less likely to occur.

How to notarize a car title or bill of sale online

Through NotaryLive, notarizing a bill of sale, car title, or any other commonly notarized document is incredibly easy. All you need is the document you want to notarize, an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone, and a valid passport or driver’s license. You will be connected via webcam with one of our live notaries once your identity has been verified using state-of-the-art identity verification technology.

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