How to See Who You Requested to Follow on Instagram in 2023? Solutions for Mobile and Desktop

In order to interact with other Instagram users, you need to send a follow request if their account is private. But have you ever sent a follow-up request that you want to cancel later? Or have you ever felt regret after sending someone a follow request?

Either way, finding the account and canceling the next request seems like an impossible task. It used to be as easy as checking posts likes on IG, but it’s not that easy now.

So the question is, how do you see who you’ve asked to follow on Instagram? Reading this article can bring you the right solution.

How to see who you asked to follow on Instagram?

There can be different tactics to succeed on Instagram, and increasing the number of followers is one of them. However, you may change your mind later and want to cancel any follow-up requests you’ve sent recently.

Luckily, you can check sent tracking requests by uploading the information. You can do this on your mobile phone as well as on your computer.

On mobile

So, when it comes to knowing who you ask to follow on IG, you should follow these steps:

  • Log in to IG.
  • Tap the profile icon at the bottom right.Tap the profile icon2
  • Tap the hamburger menu button at the top of your profile and open Your Activity from the list of options.Open your activity1
  • Scroll down and tap Download your information.Tap Download your information
  • This will open a new page, on which you will find a button that says “Request Download”. Press it.Tap Request Download
  • Then choose the format and quality of the file in which you want to receive the information. Tap Submit Request when you’re done.
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Note: You may need to enter your Gmail ID and Insta password to continue.

Tap Submit Request

  • Once the request is submitted, you will see a pending download with the date you requested it and the registered username.Download option pending
  • Then you have to wait for a while (about 30 minutes in this case) to receive the email.
  • Once you receive the email, download the file by tapping on the linked text “download your information”. Which will take you to the IG app and the file download will start.Tap download your information1

Once the download is complete, navigate to your phone’s download folder and there you will find a ZIP file with the same name as your Insta username. Extract the file and open “followers_and_following”. You will find all your follow requests sent in the “recent_follow_requests” file.

On the desk

If you are not active on a mobile phone or the application is not installed, you can do the same on a desktop computer. So how do you see follow requests sent on Instagram via desktop? The answer lies in the steps below

  • Open and log in to IG on your desktop.
  • Click More at the bottom left.Click More
  • Click Your activity from the list of options.Click on Your activity
  • Under your activity, click Download your information.Click on Download your information
  • Write down your e-mail address and choose the format in which you wish to receive the information. Once you’re done, click Next.Click Next
  • Next, enter your Insta password. Click Request Download when you’re done.Click Request Download

Once you request the download, you will receive an email. And you can download and extract the files just like on your mobile phone.

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So this is the only working method to know and unfollow requests on Insta. There may be other methods, but they may not be as accurate as this one and mostly depend on guesswork.

Other ways to see follow requests sent on Instagram?

It’s common to send follow requests to every account you see. And, like others, you might not prefer the method mentioned above. You can try other methods which might not be as efficient and accurate as the previous one.

Browse the likes

We mostly follow random accounts that like our posts. It is obvious to expect a return from the person who liked one of your publications. But if not, you can cancel the request.

Just open one of the recent posts and tap on the number of likes. The list of accounts that liked the post will appear, and you can find and cancel those you sent a follow request to.

Check your friends’ followers

It is quite possible that you have sent a few follow requests to your friend’s followers or to another account that shares the same target audience as you. This often happens as users often consider sending each other friend requests as one of the great hacks for Insta growth.

If it’s the same case at home, open the profiles of your mutual insurance company, and browse the list of followers to see who you have asked to follow on Instagram.

So these are the only two methods by which you can check sent follow-up requests.

How do I cancel a follow request on Instagram?

Most of the time, you send random follow requests to just a few people. So, when it comes to manually seeing requested accounts on Instagram, you can only open their profile and tap the “Requested” button.

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Tap Asked

Once done, the button will change to Follow again, meaning the next request has been cancelled.


So here are some ways that can help you find the answer to how to see the people you asked on Instagram. Since it looks like you can only do this by uploading the data, this social media platform has its own reasons for making the process a bit complicated.

The fact that IG users send many follow requests daily and later cancel them could be one of the reasons. Some of them even use automated tools for the process, and every social media app is strictly prohibited from bots or automation tools.

So if you’re curious about recent tracking requests you’ve sent, the only real option you have is to download the data.

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How do I see follow requests on Instagram?

Answer: The only way you can see follow requests sent on IG is to download the information.

How do you know if someone declines your follow request on Instagram?

Answer: If you need to know that your request was denied, visit the person’s profile, and if you don’t see “Requested”, that means they canceled it.

Does Instagram Notify You When You Receive a Follow Request?

Answer: Yes, Instagram definitely notifies you if you receive a follow request.

How do I cancel all follow requests sent on Instagram?

Answer: It is not possible to cancel all tracking requests at once. You can only visit profiles one at a time and cancel requests.

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