How To Send Photos As Documents on WhatsApp in Android and iOS 2023?

Part 1: Send images as documents on WhatsApp Android

If you own an Android phone, you should send images as documents on WhatsApp carefully. Wondering how to send photos as documents on WhatsApp? If yes, please follow the steps below.

  • First, you will need to save and download the image you want to send uncompressed on WhatsApp.
  • After you download the image to your device, save it with a few names you can remember.
  • Now, you will need to open WhatsApp and click on the attachment button located inside the chat box.
  • From the options, choose the ‘Document’ option.
  • After this, select the image you want to send by browsing all the documents on your phone.
  • Then submit the image as a document instead of using your gallery.
  • After that, when you send the file to a recipient as a document, ask them to rename the image to see the original image without preserving its quality.

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Part 2: Send images as documents on WhatsApp iOS

Below is a simple process to send high-quality images as a document on iOS devices. Follow the steps to send images as documents through WhatsApp.

  • Go to Photos, choose the image you want to share without quality loss, and then tap the upload option in the bottom left corner of your iPhone.
  • Now click on the save to Files option to choose the folder where you want to save the selected image.
  • You can choose any of the folders or save the image to I Cloud Drive.
  • Then tap Add.
  • Now when you have saved the image as a document, open WhatsApp on an iOS device and go to the contact you want to share the photo with.
  • After this, you will need to click on the More icon present at the bottom left corner of your iPhone. Now select Document.
  • Now you can see all the documents on your iPhone.
  • After that, choose the image and click the submit button.
  • That’s it and the image will be sent as an uncompressed file.
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With this solution, the recipient will receive the uncompressed image. From now on, you will not see a direct preview of the image within the chat window, while the image will appear as a sent document once sent.

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Part 3: Transfer WhatsApp images to different phones

Do you want to transfer WhatsApp images from your old Android phone to your new iPhone, Android to Android or iPhone to Android? If yes, then you will need WhatsApp transfer migrators that can easily transfer all your WhatsApp data to different phones. There are several WhatsApp transfer tools that you can use to move your WhatsApp images from one phone to another. In this section, we have discussed the two most reliable and secure WhatsApp data transfer tools.

How to send high quality images on WhatsApp?

You can send high-quality images as documents on WhatsApp. To do so, here are some simple steps to follow.

Step 1- First, open your Whatsapp account and open the contact you want to send the photo to.

Step 2 – On the chat screen, you will see a paperclip icon at the bottom, next to the camera icon.

Step 3 – Tap on the clip icon and a list of icons will appear.

Step 4- Now click on the documents option.

Step 5- Next, select the photo you want to send in documents from your phone.

Step 6: If you can’t find the photo, tap on the “Browse other documents” option at the top.

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Step 7 – Now browse through the folders and once you locate the specific image file you want to send, select it and then click on the send button.

The image will then be sent to the recipient. Users should keep in mind that the process of sending the document may take time depending on the size of the file and of course the speed of the Internet as well.

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Send full size photos on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp does not have any feature to attach photos and videos as documents directly from the Photos app. For this to happen, you must first save them from the Photos app to the Files app, and then you can send them using the document attachment feature normally. This is how you can do it exactly:

  1. First, open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Now select photo(s) and video(s) you want to send as a document on WhatsApp.
  3. Click the submit/upload button from the lower left corner. now you will find save to files option in the popup box that appears. Just click this option and it will save your photos and videos to the Files app.
  4. Now open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to the chat where you want to send those media files.
  5. Click the plus icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You will now see several attachment options. choose document from there.
  6. Now WhatsApp will take you to the Files app. From the Recent tab, you can select your photos and videos that you want to send as a document.
  7. You can also go to the Explore tab and then On My iPhone for the same purpose.
  8. Click on the three dots option at the top to select multiple files at once. If you are only sending a single media file, you can simply click on it and then WhatsApp will show the preview. Click on the submit button and you have done it. As simple as that.
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We have covered the different ways that you can send photos as documents on WhatsApp. From sharing photos as albums to sending photos as documents, we’ve got it all! However, be sure to read the detailed instructions below to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Thank you for reading!

Frequent questions

How do I share photos between iOS and Android?

On iPhone, open the Photos app. At the bottom left, you will find a button called Share. select your Google account, and then choose Select drive. Paste the files in the folder of your choice. Tap the Drive icon on your Android device. Select all photos and videos. After that, click on the Download button at the top right.

Can we send documents by WhatsApp on iPhone?

To send the file using WhatsApp, you need to open a chat where you want to send it and tap the More button on the left side of the chat where you write. The iOS Sharing extension takes over after you’ve selected a “Document” from the menu.

How do I send PDF from iPhone to WhatsApp?

In the upper right, click the Up Arrow button to open the PDF file you want to send. WhatsApp is a popular messaging service. WhatsApp displays a dialog when you select a contact to send a PDF file to, and you must agree to transfer the selected PDF file to the recipient before sending it. Your PDF document has been delivered to WhatsApp by clicking Submit.

How do I create a mobile document image?

Quickword will give you several options to resize and rotate the image, as well as an image preview once you’ve chosen a picture from your Gallery or taken a new one with your device’s built-in camera.

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